Saturday, 10 August 2013

Sleepy Saturday

Yes it is all fairly quiet round here, except for noisy neighbour,  who has just been told to turn the volume down by somebody. 

I managed another afternoon crafting.  I began by prepping one of the canvas boards, always best to give the modelling paste plenty of time to dry.  So with that done I finished off the piece I did yesterday, just needed to glue a few bits, and add some stamping.  And then...   choices, choices.   So I went for one of the orange backgrounds which I did with the gelli plate. This is the finished piece,  but here is how I did it.

I prepped some brazzil card stock,  cut it into a square,  used a corner punch and just inked the edges.  I choice the burnt orange as it matched the next layer.

This is the main background,  used the gelli plate, some orange acrylic,  used the double print technique, just nudging the mask slightly.  This was also trimmed into a square, 1 cm smaller than the above, the corners were rounded with a corner punch.    I used standard white cardstock, 160 GSM.

I chose an Indigo Blu stamp, this is one of my favourites showing a lady on a bicycle,  which has been made to look like a post card.  I embossed it with copper powder.  I used spellbinders curved matting basics to cut two mats.  I stamped the image first then cut it out,  just gave it a light coat of Old Paper ink to soften the white,  used some black card for the other mat.

These are the other embellishments,  more spellbinders, think they were called Fancy Frames, they are the gold dies, and 3 paper roses.

Which when all put together makes this!  I changed my mind halfway through as I was going to use a tag,  and it is a really nice tag!  It is now in the bits and bobs tray. 

Checked on my neighbour who had the fire, she has been really lucky as it is only smoke damage.   It will still take some cleaning up, but everything else is fine,  the furniture is okay as she had the presence of mind to close the doors, I suggested she find someone with a steam cleaner, that should really give everything a deep clean.

Ah, noisy neighbour has switched off his loud music.   I like music, but how can you listen to it when it is hurting your ears?   His immediate neighbours have already put in an official complaint about him,  we think he is already on a warning.  Last week his rubbish wasn't picked up by the binmen, it wasn't his fault he hasn't been given a wheelie bin, just the clear sacks, but instead of complaining nicely he ended up shouting at the customer services assistant, hence the bags are still here!   Stupid man,  if he had explained properly and calmly then the rubbish would have been picked up. 

My canvas board is all ready for tomorrow, the paste has dried, it will need a couple of coats of paint.  I've been using Sheena's tip to add one of the Bindex mediums to the acrylic, it makes it last longer.  I was watching CnC today,  John was on, he is such a talented man,  I do admire his patience as I'm not sure I could do what he does.  He'd Zen tangled one piece,  he said it had taken a few days to do, but the finished piece was stunning.   My Zen tangling is getting better,  I've now cracked the basket weave, and I'm tackling the shading. 

Now it is definitely Wine O'clock, so I'm off for a nice glass of red.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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