Sunday, 18 August 2013

All in Black and White

Think I should call this my Monochrome day. I stuck with using the Indigo Blu black card, white detail powder and stamps. 

This was done with the Clarity Birdhouse stamp set,  and a very fine brush to get rid of the stray specks.  I did use my anti static bag,  though I think I may need a new one. 

Next I stamped this lovely Woodware stamp.   I've just begun to add some Zen tangling to it.    I've realised over the years that it does pay to afford the best stamps you can get.  The better the quality the better the image.  I was looking at the stamps you get with Get Stamping, and they are high quality, not your usual freebie quality. 

And these are two of my new Indigo Blu stamps,  they are called Styilised Flowers.  The detail is lovely, and the powder has picked it all out.

Finally this picture.  I altered the frame quite a while ago,  but couldn't decide what picture to use.  Since I was in my B/W mode, I used the 'Fishing' stamp set from Clarity, on the black card, then layered up,  and the corners punched with my corner snipper. I shall pass on another tip,  before stamping make sure your stamps are free from any dust or particles!   I have seen a few stampers on CnC not bothering to clean their stamps, but I personally always like to give them a wipe.  This stamp had some very fine dust on it, so when I stamped it really looked a mess.  The detail powder does get everywhere, I tend to keep a damp cloth handy.   So this was the second attempt after washing the stamp,  a much crisper finish.    My stamps are not in any fancy folders,  nor have they been catalogued,  I have my own system,  most often used stamps are kept in a box on top of craft desk,  all others are in another box which I keep in my storage chest of drawers.   Even if I did bother with folders and cataloguing it wouldn't last.  It would all start out neat and tidy,  and the ordered state would last for... five minutes! 

I am more organised since getting my desk,  things now do have places to go, and they go back at the end of most craft sessions.  Even the card stock has been sorted out, a minor miracle!  And my new desk tidy has proved to be a very good buy.  I really do think I need to decorate it though. 

Well tomorrow is a card making day, and doing something with rubber bands... if I can remember to buy some!   Have a lovely week, and thanks for stopping by.

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