Saturday, 17 August 2013

Timing is everything

After my counselling session this week I really was in need of a cheer up, and something to take my mind off things. I've been wanting to make a clock for ages,  I did start one ages ago!   However while I have the mechanism, I have lost the 'hands'!  So wanting to feel happier I paid a trip to the craft shop,  well it was pay day, and I always allow myself a crafty treat.   I spotted a small clock,  just plain wood, and only £5.  Wasn't sure how to decorate it, so while I was mulling over ideas I painted one of the canvas boards,  then it occurred to me that I could put the clock on the canvas board!   I checked and yes, the small clock would fit,  all I needed to do then was to complete the canvas board.   I chose to do some stamping, using a set of Clarity Stamps,  after painting the board with a mix of orange, cream and yellow acrylic.   So happy with that the next thing to do was decorate the clock itself.

It was in two pieces,  the clock face and an outer ring.  I felt that the clock face should be kept simple.  Wasn't sure what to use for the numbers, but then you don't need to use numbers, do you?   So I used the swallow stamps from the set to signify 12,3,6 and nine, and then coloured some white pearls.  For the outer ring I used my promarkers,  then used a stamp and embossing powder.

Of course then I had to cut a hole in the canvas board.  I managed that with a stanley knife and a hammer - don't ask!   And here it is!   It matches the kitchen perfectly.   I offset the clock,  and may stamp a few more birds at the top.  For the foliage I used one of the stamps from the set, and just graduated it, and added a bit more with a permanent marker.

Very happy with this.   Always nice when a piece turns out how you want it to.   I also got some Indigo Blu black card at the craft shop,  it is very black,  can't wait to stamp on it.  And I got two more cheap frames from the pound shop.  I've now put a few of my pictures up round the flat and they look okay.    I also dared to step on the scales,  I've now almost lost a stone,  I put on a T shirt today that had been a bit tight last year and it is now loose.  Nope I'm not dieting, not going to a diet club,  I am eating normal meals, and I have chips,  ice cream, cakes - all in moderation.   What has made all the difference is my little trim bike.  I knew that if I could just get some exercise then the extra weight would disappear,  but I can no longer go for long walks because of my knee and bad back,  so now I just pedal away on the trim bike.  I either watch TV or read, and pedal.   Mind you I was getting carried away on Friday, was watching the athletics and cheering on Mo, then I realised that I was pedalling faster and faster!   I've got just under a stone to go,  hopefully the unwanted flab should have gone by Christmas.   I think someone should just invent the moderation diet,  so many people go on silly diets that are unsustainable,  yep they lose weight, but when they stop the diet they put it all back on again.   So my tips are, look at your diet, if it is full of junk food then junk the junk, next take a look at portion size,  buy smaller dinner plates,  remember the word 'moderation', if your diet is balanced and healthy you won't want snacks between meals,  and do some exercise.  That doesn't mean going to the gym, but going for a walk, which most of us can do.

I'm feeling better today,  also saw my GP about the anti depressants,  I had worked out that they were responsible for my monster hot flushes.  A friend had found the same thing happening to her as she went into the menopause,  her GP gave her HRT and the hot flushes almost stopped.  I never wanted to take HRT,  but I really can't take any more of these monster hot flushes,  so I've given in.  The doc checked me over,  BP is normal,  she checked my wieght and was pleased with my weight loss,  so I got the 'script, and am now on HRT.   Fingers crossed it works.  I was annoyed by the GP,  as I'd read the blurb in the pack of antidepressants and it said it can cause excessive sweating, GP says she'd never heard of it, and she should be aware of the side effects, like you shouldn't take ibuprofen with them either! 

All for now folks,  enjoy the weekend, it is a bit soggy here, hope it is dry where you are.

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