Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Going green.

I didn't have the best of starts to the day,  managed to get through the housework, then decided to have a shower and wash my hair.  Switched on shower... cold water,  then hot water,  either hot or cold,  nothing else.  My heart sank,  I can't afford to replace the darn thing.  So my mood sunk.  Managed to wash hair with one of those silly tap shower things, but the water was only dribbling out of it. Which made me wonder if the water pressure was low?

After a bit of lunch I took my mind off things with a bit of crafting.  I started this piece yesterday after finding my Afro comb.  So out came the gelli plate and I mixed two colours to make this lovely back ground.

I painted the back of the board a dark green, then stamped,  came out a lot better than I expected. Tho the photo isn't doing a lot for it.

On the front I just painted round the edges, the bits that would be seen!   Then a bit more stamping, and dab of some black adirondiac.

Used that flower again!   Well actually it is for a series of pictures, but different colours. Got three so far, just need one more.  I cut a piece of canvas paper, then burnt the edges.  Then just added a few bits to finish it all off.

After this I checked the shower, guess what, it is back to normal.  Phew, so it must have been the water pressure.  But you don't really need nasty shocks like that.

I also found some videos on how to make a shambala bracelet.  I had one but it broke, so I just needed to repair it.  I managed to get some suitable cord.

So after a few false starts, and a bit of practice, I tackled the bracelet. Not bad for a first attempt, I had got it wrong the first time, but realised what I'd done, so redid it. And it works!  I may now fix some of my other bracelets.

Well after today I can only hope the week gets better.  Today would also have been my Dad's birthday,  even after all this time it still hurts.  It's been a tough few months,  1st July was their wedding anniversary,  mum's birthday has also been and gone, so only Christmas to get through.

I hope we get some sunshine this week,  have a nice week.

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