Friday, 23 August 2013

Hot wax

Hello all.  I felt my crafting was a bit stale, so I got out my encaustic art stuff.  It has been quite some time since I did any stuff like this,  in fact I couldn't even remember the setting for the iron.  But as soon as I got going it all came back, and it was such fun.  I know some create amazing pictures,  but for me the beauty of this technique is seeing what magically appears.  I just about even managed the birds, just as well it is a fantasy picture!

I then tried stamping, using Stazon,  I went for my favourite flower stamp (I will really have to put this stamp away for a while!),  and some purple wax, just dragging it across.  It will make a nice topper for something.

I used another silhouette stamp to do this, it is a Clarity stamp from the Birdhouse set.  This time I went for blue and green, again just dragging the iron across until I was happy with the effect.

It was all very relaxing, well I was also following my counsellor's instructions to relax more.   The Zen tangling is also progressing,  in my case it has been mastering the pens, not putting too much pressure on them.

And finally, the elastic band technique.  Take one elastic band, wrap it around a brayer,  use the versamark watermark in, roll it onto card,  sprinkle embossing powder and... you get this, well it was also inked.  It's like a dreamy forest.

I had a bit of a faff remembering to buy some elastic bands.  Amazing really, that when you don't need any elastic bands  you find them everywhere, and when you need them, there are none to be found.  I had to buy some, I did think of perhaps following the postman.

I had to laugh yesterday, was sitting in the waiting room waiting for my counsellor and guess what record was playing on the radio:  Ya Had a Bad Day!  

Well that's all for now, enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend.


Elizabeth said...

Lovely post, Cassidy, and your encaustic art is absolutely gorgeous. Never tried it myself ... not sure I'd be safe with a hot iron and wax ... but I do admire the results. Chuckled at the thought of you stalking the postie for his elastic bands ... ours conveniently leaves them on the post for us to collect :)) Elizabeth xx

BJ said...

brilliant encaustic pieces Cassidy. BJ

BJ said...

hadn't realised the last one was the rubber band technique until I read Elizabeth's comment. Cool. BJ