Saturday, 28 December 2013

A belated posting

Seems ages since I blogged.   I wanted to hunker down and get through Christmas.   I spent the day on my own as I wanted.  In the morning I went for a lovely walk,  and was amused by the antics of the dogs on their morning walk.  It was a typical winter's morning, cold, frosty, bit of a nippy wind and sunny.  I did get quite a few 'Merry Christmases' along the way.  When I'd left the house there had been only a trickle of traffic, when I returned it was in full flow.  That caused me to remember all the Christmases I'd spent travelling to and from places - and I hated it!   I always thought how nice it would be to wake up on Christmas morning and NOT have to go anywhere.  I was glad when the day was over, had a few tearful moments,  but not the turkey dinner,  I chose Toad in the Hole.   I also got myself into a tizzwozz with the glass painting.  Didn't like what I'd done, so ended up taking it all off.   I did though have a nice surprise on Christmas eve, finding that at last my claim had been successful, so I had money!  The first thing I did was pay a few bills.  Then on Boxing Day I went to Hobbycraft to indulge myself,  just got a few glass paints and some relief paste.  Then I ordered some lead liner off Amazon,  and was still wondering what had happened to my CnC order, which I discovered was coming from America.

In the early hours of Friday morning the storm hit us, so there was no chance of me stepping outside the front door.   I went back to the glass painting, but was having no success.  I knew I was trying too hard, so I called it quits.   Then at 8pm my parcel arrived,  no I couldn't believe it either, felt sorry for the poor chap as he looked shattered.  But I was very happy to have my goodies at last.

Today I had a long lie in - 10 a.m!   A spot of supermarket shopping,  it is a bother that we run out of stuff like milk and bread!   The postie brought me my lead liner, wow that was a fast delivery.  So I sat down to the glass painting,  this time it went well.  The new lead liner was thinner than what I had been using so I was able to do finer work with it.  The new paints are tricky, but they are nice to use, as is the relief paste that came with it.  In fact I've checkd it out on google and I can get a much larger bottle of it!   The afternoon was well spent,  I got a lot done, and managed to improve one picture by using the lead liner instead of the paste.   I may be able to bring some pictures tomorrow.

I am also glad that this year is almost at a close,  and I have things to look forward to next year, more art therapy,  a visit to my friend who lives in Hampshire.   Last New Years eve was so bleak,  it was a really horrible day with the family managing to upset first me, then mum, with their job done off they went to their respective New Year celebrations and not giving any thought to the damage they'd just done.   I think I've grown stronger since then,  it hasn't been an easy year, and not just for the obvious reason,  I just feel as though I've been tested to my limit.  On Christmas eve I tried counting my blessings and realised that I had far more than I thought or could count.   I've found that it is my friends and cousin who I can count on for support, and who care about me.  I can't thank them enough for what they've done for me this year.    I've also found out a lot about myself.   More of that at a later date. 

I'll end it here, and I hope you've all had a lovely Christmas, I hope none of you were affected by the bad weather, and if you were then know you were in my thoughts and prayers.  I'll be back tomorrow, thanks for stopping by.

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