Thursday, 12 December 2013

Yesterday I got myself into a right old tizz.  I was meant to meet a friend for coffee, only she was a no show.   Felt like it was the last straw to a bad few days.  Managed to resist going straight home,  drove around and ended up at a garden centre which usually has a fantastic Christmas display, but it was all rather tired looking this year.   I spotted a white bisque owl,  which lit up,  so bought it as a little treat for myself.  Got home, thumped a few things,  had a rant, and a cry, then I made this picture.  I was amazed I did it, as for the last few days the crafting has been awful, nothing has gone right.  I wasn't that sure about doing this, as it meant a steady hand, but I got there.  

I mixed the paints this time,  just to lighten them. I was really pleased with it.   Felt it still needed some finishing off, but had no more lead.

Then today the postie brought me a little parcel, it was the lead I'd bought off ebay.  A little wider that what I'd been using, but just as flexible.  So I decided to give the flower a frame, even managing to mitre the corners!   I took it with me to art therapy,  everyone liked it.   Sadly there were only four of us today,  and two were leaving as it was their last session.  I felt really sorry for one lady,  you could tell she really didn't want to leave.  The tutors had made her a lovely card, and had got everyone to sign it, even us newbies.   I know she is going to some of the other groups,  so I hope she draws comfort from that.   I also learned that for our next project we'll be doing some silk painting - wow!    And making an aromatherapy cushion,  I can't wait to get going. 

My mood was much better today,  helped by lots of good wishes from friends, and a lovely phone call from my cousin.  And there I was feeling very unloved yesterday!     The friend who should have met me for coffee had a problem with her car,  she'd also lost my landline number, and my mobile has died.  She had sent me an email but I hadn't switched on the PC, so it was a case of confusion all round.  But things happen for a reason, and I believe I was being told to reach out.

I finished most of the painting on the mandala,  I brought it home to finish it off.   I think it needs a bit more lead work on it.   Did have a chat about the relief paste, the tutor said that they do vary in quality,  and not to go for the cheap stuff.  I'm sticking with the Cern or marabu.  Still got my party to look forward to next week, and a newsletter to read, and lots of things to sign up to if I wish.

Thanks for stopping by to read my witterings,  it is much appreciated.

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