Thursday, 5 December 2013

Art Therapy

Well it was, as forecast, howling a gale today, lots of rain, sleet, hailstones, flooding in some parts.  I watched a few wheelie bins go flying past at one point.  The most hilarious moment was when I caught sight of our street cleaner, I watched him struggle to pick up a small piece of litter, while all around him there was paper, cardboard etc, he placed the piece he'd picked up in his bin and then walked off... leaving the rest of the mess behind him.    I wished I'd been able to film it as it would have been a hit on Youtube!   Two ariels are currently precariously dangling from their wires on house opposite, wondering when they'll come crashing down!  Also, we were all warned, so why do drivers in high sided vehicles still venture out?  One poor man lost his life, they should be banned in conditions like this,  then perhaps tragedies could be avoided.

I was also at my Art Therapy class, only three of us made it,  one chap was moving house today, but not sure what happened to the others,  just hope they were safe.   I got on with my mandala, and this time I remembered to take my camera.  I finished off the outlining, and made a note of which outliner I was using (cos it is just lovely) and it is Cern, so that is what I am sticking to!    See pic above for the Mandala,  I used the lead liner for the outer and inner circles, it is really easy to use.  The paints were water based, another point I made note of, as it means not messing with brush cleaner.  It also seemed to give a better finish.   We had to finish a little earlier as one of the tutors had to get away handy, otherwise I would have managed more painting.  

It was all so relaxing, had a good natter with the tutors.  I showed them some of my work via the digi camera,  they love the thought of gilding flakes and mica powders.  We also had a chat about mandalas,   I've got a work book on them which I bought last year, the aim being to work my way through it.  However it proved impossible with caring for mum,  it meant meditating, and I could hardly do that when mum might need me at any moment.   So that is on my to do list for next year, or Vision Board, as one of my friends calls her resolutions.   I think I may make my own, and see how many goals I achieve.

Also had some success with ATOS.   I was so angry last Friday that I sent off an email, and to be honest I didn't expect much from them.  But to their credit they did apologise, sort of,   and explained that it is the government who has asked for the audits to be done, hence all the delay.  They have though asked for my case to be fast forwarded,  I think they were also agreeing (tho they didn't admit it) that waiting 8 months is far too long.  I sent them a reply to say thank you, and also suggesting tha if they kept people informed then perhaps we wouldn't be so stressed.   It really annoys me when, say you are on a train, and suddenly it stops, nothing is said, you just sit and wait, and wait...  and all you want is for someone to tell you what is going on, and perhaps offer free tea and coffee.    I've found if you tell folk what is going on then they are generally well behaved and patient.   Anyway I hope to see an end to the PIP saga sometime soon, now would be preferable as my gas/electric bill arrived, though it wasn't too bad.

So I am off on a hunt for cern outliner tomorrow.  I could get it from ebay,  though would you believe some of the sellers want nearly £4 in postage,  for a 25ml tube of outliner!   I know postal charges have gone up, but even so, £4! 

Stay safe tonight... thanks for stopping by

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Julia S-W said...

Hi Maggie. I see you are still writing the most interesting blog posts! Just loved your image of the street cleaner with his solitary piece of paper!
I have now moved to Suffolk and it seems to have taken forever. I now intend to try to return to normal blogging services and visit people more often.
I'm very impressed by your project here. It's so neat and precise - you must have such a steady hand!
I know how good it is to attend classes with like minded people. I've been doing the Andy Skinner club for a year now but sadly, the sunday just gone was our last meeting. I will really miss the banter, teaching and general creativity that was so inspiring.
I hope you are keeping well and busy? Apologies for such a long absence. Life just gets in the way doesn't it?
Take care, Hugs to you, Juliaxxx