Saturday, 7 December 2013

Battling on

I am continuing my battle to master glass painting!  Yesterday I went to The Range to get some self adhesive lead strip,  sadly they didn't have the roll, only the strips.     It was an interesting drive along the coast road,  saw the detrius from Thursday's storm,  there was a very high tide, so lots of seaweed dumped on the road.

On returning home I painted one of the glass outlines,  was sort of happy with it.   This morning I looked at it and thought: yuck.  So stripped it all off and began again.  I used only the outliner, this time I used the lead strips,  I think it makes it look more impressive.   So happy with that I sat and thought about applying the paint,  I'd been flood filling the spaces, but I realised I'd over done it. I guess less is more.

I'm much happier with this one, but no idea of why the purple is acting like it is, as the other colours seem to spread evenly.  I'm leaving it as it is, I was tempted to fill the whole thing, but actually like the lead being left plain. 

I'm currently designing another picture,  and a head full of too many ideas.  

I had to really search to get the Cern outliner, ebay sellers were being far too cheeky with their postage,  luckily I found what I wanted on... guess were, yep Amazon!   And with free postage, the outliner was a bit more expensive, but it is on its way to me. I tried to use the outliner I got from ebay, it is just way to runny and impossible to use.   I'm not blaming the seller, the tubes were in a sealed pack, but I won't ever be using it again! 

Such sad news about Nelson Mandela,  yet was it really necessary to keep broadcasting for several hours non stop?  Both the BBC and Sky went OTT with their coverage.  Of course it had to be the lead story, but at the same time there was a major storm happening, people losing their houses and no mention of it on either news channel.   Mandela was a great man, but also a human being, he would be the first to say he was no saint,   he acheived a peaceful transition from apartheid to racial harmony.  Yet poverty is still rife in South Africa, the gap between rich and poor is wider than ever,  people are still living in tin shacks,  they are still being shot in cold blood... it still has a long way to go and needs to find the person who can fill Mandela's shoes, and Zuma isn't that man.

The Christmas cards are starting to fall on the mat,  I'm dreading getting those that don't know about mum.  Must get my act together and start sending some out.   No idea what will appear here tomorrow,  I really have to make a couple of cards and finish off a box, so guess they are top of my list.  Oh had a sneak peak at the Christmas telly, the usual dire stuff,   films galore,  a few gems,  but not many.   When will the planners learn to not mess about too much?   Daytime TV is often better than the evening stuff, but what happens every bank holiday, all the programmes are taken off - why? Think I'll stick with True Entertainment for the day, or Youtube.

All for now, thanks for stopping by.

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