Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Not a good day

A painful day today. I got down the Christmas decorations.   I was confined to the flat as I was waiting for a parcel to be delivered for a neighbour.   I put the tree up, put the lights on and then the tears started. My heart really wasn't in it, but I don't want to avoid Christmas, and I know mum wouldn't want me to. So I ploughed on,  the tree looks nice, just put a few more decs out,  and then called it a day.   Funny how grief grabs you,  sometimes it is with warm memories and you feel happy, at others it is the sad stuff.

I finished off this little glass tree,  I painted it yesterday, just had enough outliner to do it. I put some little gems on,  now I'll hang it on the tree.  Mum had bought some really pretty glass ornaments a few years ago, made sure they are on the tree.

Next project was making a box to fit a small pillar candle.  I looked for a template, then abandoned that idea and started measuring!  To my astonishment I did it!   Well after I'd remembered where I'd put my 12x12 cardstock, and a bit of fiddling with the measurements.  I made a separate lid, which I'll take a pic of tomorrow, damn these dark nights!   But the box fits the candle perfectly.

Here is the candle.  I got the idea from one of those little magazines that are stuffed into the Saturday supplements. I still had some decal paper from the wedding stuff,  so all it took was some printing.  I've also made one for mum, and another for my niece with 'Granny' on it.  When I saw the candles in the catalogue I just thought it was a nice idea.

I've made all my ATC's for the swap, but they'll be going with some ready made cards.  A rather sinful thing to do for a crafter, but who cares.   My heart isn't really into making Christmas things this year. 

I'd also been wondering where my advent candle was,  so I checked the order to see when it had been sent and... doh, guess who forgot to 'check out'?  Yep!    Just about sums up my state of mind right now,  scattered is probably a good description.

I was also hoping that the glass outliner would arrive today, the chap sent it first class on Monday, from Manchester, but no sign of it today.  Hopefully it will fall through the letter box tomorrow.   I also had a nice surprise tonight,  my friend has got us tickets to a Christmas party,  it is a Kim Wilde gig in London, but at a small venue.   I felt a bit awful for not sounding terribly enthusiastic, so I explained what I'd been doing today and all was understood.   This is not going to be a great month.

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