Sunday, 15 December 2013

Just having a lovely time

I've been wanting to pick up a paintbrush for some time and just paint.   Trouble has been the moment the brush is in my hand I tense up and the confidence drains away.  A few weeks ago I started my art therapy and little did I know that I'd be introduced to something that would grab hold of me - glass painting. I'd wanted to try it, but I didn't want to paint glasses or vases, nor did I know how to get started with it.  So I was delighted when our first project was glass painting.  Then I was presented with an A3 piece of perspex,  yikes!   I realised that I had no need to come up with a picture,  but a design, that freed me up and I did the Mandala.  I took a quick look on youtube to learn how to use the materials (what did we do before youtube?),  I was rubbish to begin with, as you would expect.  I wanted to run before I could walk!  But I did practise and gradually I got used to handling the relief paste.  I started with small pictures, aside from the Mandala, but I had an urge to do something big.
This idea, the bird of peace came to me a couple of weeks ago and I found a large piece of glass (another butchered frame!)    I took my time drawing the design, quite unlike me, usually I rush these things,  but I seemed to have acquired some patience.   I wanted a stained glass window, and for it to have some religious significance.   Making the window was the easy bit, then I had to find some free clipart for the bird.  I played around with the size until I was happy.    I felt a bit nervous today when I began the painting,  but as it went on the picture started to come alive.   I know I need to fill in that huge space, it is just to large to paint, so my next task is to create a pattern. 

I also did another flower, I want to make three, then find someway of hanging them together.  I know I can drill into the glass, but have to treat it like drilling into a tile.  These flowers are also good for practising the relief paste work.  I'm going to add a little more to it, so watch this space as they say!

CnC also told me that my paints are on their way,  can I hope that they will arrive tomorrow?  I am thinking it will be Tuesday,  never mind at least they are in transit.

I thought I'd watch Mandela's funeral, thinking foolishly that all the speeches were done and dusted.  Wrong, once again the politicos bored the pants off everyone.   The service should have lasted 2 and a half  hours....  tradition dictated that Mandela had to be laid to rest at midday, but they trampled all over tradition so they could keep waffling.  One chap was determined to name and thank each dignitary who had turned up!   I feel sorry for the people of South Africa, they've been kept at arms length,  even the funeral procession sped by not allowing any to pay their respects.  Some of the weeks antics  have left a nasty taste in the mouth,  seems some set out to exploit the situation,  only Obama's speech was memorable.  Nor should there have been any speeches at the funeral,  just a eulogy and the service. 

I'm still struggling with the whole Christmas thing.  I wasn't expecting it to affect me this much.  I did some shopping at the supermarket yesterday and just had to get out of the place.  I've never liked the build up to Christmas, it starts far too early,  everyone is in a rush,  then as the big day approaches the prices get slashed.  I noticed yesterday that all the crackers were at half price!   It was the same last year, which is why I always waited so I could get the posh ones.   Now the supermarket has a large bin, they're asking people to buy a toy and donate it.  Why not also ask for food donations, perhaps hampers could be made up for the elderly? 

I also had a nice surprise yesterday, while flicking through the channels I found that True Entertainment had a whole afternoon and evening of The Waltons!   Yes I know, sentimental, but who cares,  it makes a nice change to watch something that doesn't involve violence towards women,  no murders,  casual swearing or general nastiness.   I really don' t understand why anyone watches Eastenders, it is so gloomy and has no credibility.  Corrie always finds a balance, the sad stuff is offset by some humour,  just as it is in life.  Haley's story has been very touching,  the two actors deserve Oscars for their performances.

Just watched Strictly,  I think Susanna will win.  She's not the best dancer,  but she is the one everyone identifies with.  She's also a working mum,  quite a few of the others have not had any other work to do, or juggle a family.  She also tries,  I can't warm to Natalie, she is very good,  but her performances are clinical,  dance should be about passion. 

Anyway think that is enough waffle,  saw the forecast on Countryfile,  it doesn't look good for the week ahead, especially the end of the week, and I am supposed to be driving down South.  If the forecast proves to be true then I think I'll be staying at home.

Stay warm and safe, and remember, Christmas is not about buying expensive presents, or going into debt. 

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