Monday, 9 December 2013

Boxing clever?

Today I decided to get on with box making.  That was after the housework,  well you can't ignore it forever!   My wrist wished I had, because after a bit of dusting it was so painful I had to stop and take some anti inflammatories.  Wonder which bit of me will start to ache next?

I also had a bit of a tidy up of the craft space...  I was down to a corner so thought perhaps I should put away the stuff I wasn't using.    So with the space cleared, a ruler unearthed, had been wondering were it had gone!  It was time to decorate the boxes, and make a couple of lids.   Yep I guess I could have done some stamping before putting the boxes together, but I have dies so why not use them?

As with this one, it had to have a greeting, so one tag, and a stamp.

On the other three sides is this nifty little number,  just a big and little die,  mirri and glitter card.  What could be easier?   Box lid is made of gold mirri,  and them embossed, to give it a luxury look, topped off by a poinsetta.   Oh almost forgot the bit of ribbon at the bottom,  some that I had left from last year. 

I don't buy any Christmas stash, no honest I don't.  I bought quite a bit when I started crafting, and now I find I've got quite enough.  I opted to buy classic stamps, trees, wreathes etc,  and stick to gold, red, green,  white and blue.  I have indulged in the odd kit now and then, but for the most part I go with white card, with a topper, keep it simple I says.   Last year I made mum an all white card,  with a white poinsetta, she really liked it.  I've not yet made one card, not a single one,  this year I've bought some.   But I refuse to buy boxes as they are usually overpriced, also if you make your own you can tailor it to the gift.

This is the last box, it contains the wooden box I decorated.  The lid is made from a piece of kanban patterned mirri, which I bought yonks ago from QVC.   I used the same dies, well the big die and the middle die for the decoration. 

Who needs a box maker, I used my ruler,  glass cutting mat and my paper trimmer, which comes with a scorer.   I'm only saying that cos I was watching a bit of CnC this morning and they were flogging box maker gizmo. 

I had been wondering what had happened to Dawn Bibby, one minute she was on screen then she seemed to disappear for ages.  I have discovered that she has two slipped discs,  one is bad enough,  they do calm down after a few weeks, but boy are they agony when they first slip.   I was thinking that one of the contestants in SCD also had a bulging disc,  mmm,  must of cleared up as she won the lindy hop marathon, being flung round in all directions.   I was glad that Susanna made it through,  I think the audience are identifying with Susanna,  she tries very hard and is very good, unlike the others she is working, and has 3 boys to look after.    I can't warm to Natalie, she is very good, maybe too good,  but I don't feel any passion from her.     It is odd to be watching it without mum,  she really enjoyed it, though I'd have to make sure she stayed awake. 

It's been a sad day, I don't know why, just felt really fed up.    I am sick of being kept waiting on the PIP claim,  and yet there is nothing in the news about the delays or huge backlog.  There are message boards full of people complaining about how long they have been waiting.   ATOS seem to think they have all the time in the world to process these claims.    I wonder how MPs would react if it took 8 months for their expenses to be processed?   And I am sorry, but I am now tired of the whole Mandela thing, our parliament spent a whole day to allow MPs to reminisce.  I think Mandela would have preferred that they got on with their usual business. 

Best get off my soap box, and need to make a Christmas card list.

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