Friday, 27 March 2015

A cat sandwich

Here he is, looking so innocent and cute, the bane of my life!    Yesterday he decided to turn his nose up at the chicken...   so I hand fed him the chicken, and he ate the lot!   Yes, go figure.  There is nothing wrong with him,  he is just being an exceptionally fussy cat.   Each night I've left him a bowl of either chicken or fish,  in the morning the bowl is licked clean.  He still wolfs down his treats.   But not sure I can take much more of his fussiness. 

Fortunately I have my art,  this I did over a couple of days.  It is my first attempt at a seascape in pencil.  Quite happy with the sky,  it took much faffing,  and thank goodness for the stubby blender.  I was a bit concerned about getting the sea right,  but think it turned out okay,  didn't attempt any white waves,  that is for another day.  The rocks need a bit more work I think,  which is the beauty of working with a pencil, easy to go back and change stuff. 

Got a new book,  it was a bit of comfort buying after Tuesday,  just needed a pick me up.   It is called Sketch365, and is very good, full of useful stuff for us artists.  I've already started sketching stuff around the house, and finally realising that it doesn't have to be perfect.   Not sure I'm brave enough yet to venture out to do any sketching. 

The final of the Big Painting Challenge is on Sunday,   can't wait, it has been a lovely programme so I hope they've recommissioned it.   It has also been very inspirational,  wish there had been more programmes, never mind wasting good money on that stupid Top Gear.  And I was glad that Clarkson got his comeuppance,  at least the BBC showed that no-one is above the law. 

Now trying my hand at a colour landscape with pencils,  it's a tutorial,  but very useful in learning how to plan a drawing.  I may try some of the pictures in my watercolour books,  done one already, so may go for the boats... 

Right, all from me for tonight.   Harvey's gone off in a huff...  

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