Thursday, 19 March 2015

Some you win and some you lose...

Well on Monday I really did feel like throwing in the towel.  I saw my GP, got told I have cervical spondylosis,  she prescribed some stuff to help with the numbness etc.  I hadn't intended to go out, but I did, mistake...     got prescription,  then to Home and Bargain for a few essentials,  then decided to get Harvey a new bowl and litter tray.   Got back into car,  and, phut...   nothing, nada, zilch...  :(   Not amused.  Walked through to garage, which was in the next street, had to wait for cheif mechanic to return.  So froze for an hour,  which set off the Raynauds,  eventually car was rescued and towed back to garage. I hoped it would be something simple and cheap.  Nope,  the alternator had developed a fault, fortunately they repaired it,  phew,  new alternator would have cost all four limbs!    Car back with me...  meantime have to make umpteen phone calls to DWP about change in status.   

Even this drawing went wrong, the towel was fine,  but this blue vase is well, yuck.  Wrong dimensions for a start,  and not enough shine.   But hey, we learn from mistakes, right?  I knew what I'd got wrong with this,  reflections are all over the place for start,  but I was copying from a picture, which I thought would be okay.  Obviously it wasn't,  though if I'd concentrated on my light source then it would have been okay.   See I am still forgetting the light source!   But I did pay attention to the vase, so some you lose and some you win... one day I'll remember to remember it all.  I persevered with it,  but really wasn't happy with the result. So,  off to find a vase,  all of mine are glass, needed a coloured one, eureka, the one in the hall, perfick!

Yup, much better.  Real vase, real light source,  and not bad with the drawing either.  Next trick was to be patient and build up the shine.  It does take a while,  and use of lots of greens,  light, dark, inbetween...  felt much better with this effort.  It is also my first proper still life, didn't want to chance putting too many objects in it,  but it made me realise that I can actually draw, just need to trust myself more. 

Then yesterday I picked up the Art Therapy magazine,  a colouring book for us grown ups.  It is such fun,  and so relaxing, high time someone did it.  Today I went to buy a couple of tops,  nothing in M&S outlet,   popped into Bon Marche and found a nice poplin shirt and vest,  very fresh looking.   What I really wanted was a lint roller, but could I find one, nope.   Have cat, so need something to remove all the fur from clothes.  Talking of Harvey,  I cooked him some chicken, yes you read that right.  Funny though,  I put it down in the usual place and he wasn't interested, so I tossed him a few pieces which he gobbled up.  So put his bowl somewhere else and he made short work of the chicken.   I'd managed to tempt him to eat his own food by drenching it with biscuits. 

Hoping to see the solar eclipse tomorrow,  I saw my first when I was in primary school.  I remember being taken outside and given some special glasses.  Then there was the on in 1999,  it is quite eerie when the sun gets covered by the moon, the birds think it is night so stop singing. 

Well allfor now...  

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