Sunday, 1 March 2015

Keeping going...

 A cat gone wrong!   Not sure why.  The joys of sketching, some days it works, some days it doesn't. Today it didn't,  think I was put off by the England/Irish rugby match,  though being half irish I have a foot in both camps.  

I was watching, and learning, the Big Painting Challenge. Tonight it was portrait painting,  I've yet to tackle painting a portrait, not sure I'd know were to begin.   The contestents did a very good job,  well okay a couple were a bit dodgy,  especially when it came to the celebrity portrait.   I wonder if they were a bit intimidated?   But it is fascinating to see how they all work,  what they start with, a sketch or go straight for it.   All are very good artists, including those who've had to leave, but there are two very exceptional painters in the group.    

This is a more successful drawing, a masai woman,   wish I'd had the grey paper,  she had beautiful grey hair.   The earrings are a bit dodgy, but trust me, they were dodgy to begin with.  This was done a while back, and it has been 'edited' since.  That is one of the things that happened tonight on the Big Painting Challenge, two of the contestants knew they were going wrong and had the guts to start over.   Another lady didn't,  thinking she could put it right, she didn't and produced an awful painting.    I can't count the number of times I've started again,  even with paintings.   I'm also tempted to try oils,  that is what I started with years ago, well it was oils or water colour,  acrylic wasn't available.  

This was our challenge for the week,  members (brave members) submitted their photos, and we all had a bash at drawing them.  I uploaded my first attempted knowing it wasn't quite right,  and got a lot of very useful feedback that I could work on.  So this is the second attempt,  and I'm almost there!   At least everything, nose, eyes, ears and mouth are in the right place, that always helps.    Going back to the big painting challenge, from now on to be known as BPC,  commented on these things, and how vital it was,  get these wrong and the picture/painting goes awry.  One or two in the competition actually made those mistakes, which surprised me, but then not all are portrait painters,  or have used oils.  I admire their bravery, not only to attempt all the challenges, but to it knowing we'll all be sitting in judgement. 

A bit worried about Harvey,  he's never been a hungry horace,  for a couple of days now he's not been interested in his treats, which is worrying.   Normally he's desperate to eat them.   I got some fish on Friday,  white fish,  and cooked that for him,  he's eaten every plateful so far.   He's just a little quiet,   he has some spurts of life but,  something isn't right.   I'll keep him on the fish, see if he puts on a little weight.   My old cat, Ms Mufti, loved her fish,  once it was in front of her she made short work of it,  Harvey takes ages to eat a plateful.   My pins and needles did subside for a few days,  that was while I was resting,   but on Friday I did some dusting, changed the bed,  was a lot busier and bang, it came back.   I also attempted a walk to the high street,   daft idea cos I was in agony.  

Well England lost,   they did get better in the second half,  and they are still with a chance of winning the six nations.   A new week beckons,  not my favourite time of the year I'm afraid, coming up to the second anniversary of mum's death, and in my face is Mothers day stuff. 

Enjoy your week,  wrap up warm, the cold stuff is on its way back! 

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