Tuesday, 10 March 2015

A spot of beachcombing...

She sells sea shells on the sea shore...   Yup, that is where I was this sunny day.   Couldn't resist the thought of going down to the beach.   It was a bit cold down on the beach,  I was glad I'd remembered my scarf and gloves,   it was okay down on the beach, as opposed to up on the path, and the sun was warm.   I picked up lots of shells along the way,  my pockets were full!  I've never managed to find so many complete shells, especially the spiral ones, no idea what they are called.   The sea was very choppy,  lots of white horses galloping towards the beach,  it was lovely.

Then it was home for lunch,  fish for Harvey,  cheese on toast for me.  While Harvey went for a walk I got out my pencils and my new book, so much to learn.  So started at the beginning, a sphere, but had to use the coloured pencils to shade it,  quite different from using an ordinary pencil, and a challenge for me.  I'm using some very smooth paper,   it isn't ideal,  but want to keep all the exercises in one sketch book.  The shadow is rubbish,  the shading isn't too bad.   I used a compass to make the sphere,  no it isn't cheating,  the book said to draw round something.    Really not happy with the paper...   take two will be on my usual pad.

Ignore the wonky top,  a couple of months ago I wouldn't even have attempted to draw this.   Again another excercise in shading.  I was lucky in that my new pencils arrived!  They're skin tones,  ideal for this,   lovely chunky pencils.  I sensibly bought the right sharpener for them,  and relieved to discover that it also sharpens the spectrum noir pencils.    I stuck with the skin tones on this, starting with a base of white, then cream,  and slowly buidling up the shades, plus trying to remember the light source.   I know indicate it on the paper,  cos I am bound to forget.

This is unfinished as the light was fading.  But I drew this freehand,  amazed at myself!    As you can see it needs lots of work, and the paper isn't helping me at all.  I am sticking with the skin tones for this,   in the book the artist is using prisma pencils,   not yet found them in the UK.  I noticed on the Big Painting Challenge that they were using Derwent coloured pencils,  I've got a set,  and they are nice to use.  

I think I'm developing Raynauds disease.   The last few times I've been out in the cold, and in spite of wearing gloves my fingers are going numb,  today it was very bad,  as they warmed up in the car the pins and needles started,  boy was that painful!   I have a problem though,  I can stuff my right hand in my coat pocket,  but not the left as I have to use my crutch, so the left hand is really bad at times.   It seems as I get another year older, another bit of me goes wrong.  But on the upside the jeans felt a little looser,  my healthier eating plan is working.   I don't overeat,  it is just that I can't exercise like I used to,  I was also getting my portion sizes wrong.  I've got much better at cooking for one now,  fortunately I love vegetables,  the more the merrier as far as I'm concerned.   I think also switching to the Quorn has helped. 

Harvey is being marginally less picky with his food.  Last night I cooked some fish and he came running into the kitchen, he couldn't wait to eat it.  Seems he doesn't like the cod,  only the white fish, typical!  In fact he's a bit like Mufti, she'd only eat coley,  if she got cod she didn't like it.   I was happy that he was eating,  at least he went to bed with a full tum.   He did have an awful afternoon, the men came to do the cavity wall insulation,  the moment he heard the ladders he went into the airing cupboard to hide.  The flat will be like toast when they've finished all the insulation.  

Tomorrow is shopping,  then watching the rain come down.   Have a challenge to do, so will leave the exercises for a day.   All for now,  thanks for stopping by... 

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