Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Not a day to remember...

The day I've not been looking forward to,  it is the anniversary of my mum's death.  The pain is just as keen today as it was two years ago.   I wasn't sure where I wanted to be today,  anywhere and nowhere,   the weather was also against me this morning, we had really heavy showers.   In the end I just did some essential shopping, and came home.  Just wasn't in the mood to be around people. 

At least the drawing was more successful today.  I used my pencil to measure,  as taught to me on my painting course.  Then I sat and did the head portrait I had tried yesterday and got so wrong.  I'd already warmed up by sketching the large unit in the living room,  it was mum's pride and joy, and cost a lot of money.  I feel ready to move on to sketch real objects, rather than just work from photos.  

I do want my portraits to be in colour, hence I focused on this skin tones study as well.  Not bad, well I think so, for a first effort.  My practise of lips is paying off,  I also sketched a few noses!  

I also reminded myself to draw what I was seeing, not what I thought I was seeing.  That is one of my faults, and it is a habit I have to break.  

A habit Harvey has to break is being so bloody picky over his food.   I didn't need his fussiness today,   in the morning he was fine, polished off a bowlful of chicken with no problem, then had some fish at lunchtime.  The pickiness started this evening,  then nothing suited him.  So I've taken it all away except for his water.   He was trying to get round me, but he's given up and gone to sleep.  

I'm just glad this day is nearly over,   mother's day is also out of the way.  

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