Saturday, 21 March 2015

The eclipse

Well did you see it - the eclipse?    When I woke up it was clear and sunny,   and hour later the clouds began to roll in.   But I got lucky and there were a few breaks in the clouds so I managed to get a few pics,  which I wouldn't have done had it stayed sunny.    I've now seen about 3 eclipses,  the first was when I was in the infants,  I do remember that clearly as we were all taken out of class and given special glasses.    And I remember the 1999 eclipse,  I was at work,  but we were keeping an eye on the BBC website,  at the appointed hour we all went outside,  it was quite eerie, the birds began to roost and it went dark.  Yesterday Harvey went bonkers as the eclipse started,  no idea why,  then again he does this quite a lot.

I also got the smiley photo!    I only had my small lumix, so even on full zoom the pics aren't very big, but they're not bad. 

Harvey is eating,  I cooked him some chicken on Thursday and he wolfed it down.  So I got some frozen pieces from Iceland,  and cooked another piece yesterday with the same result.   He's also got some fish,  so he is at least eating something.   I can't blame him for not being keen on the cat food stuff, it isn't real fish,  just made to taste like it.   The pack of chicken fillets only cost £3, far cheaper than the cat food,  in fact a lot cheaper since I was chucking most of the cat food away.   I poached a few pieces today,  so as to keep it moist.  

No arty pics, in the middle of finishing two coloured pictures.   It hasn't been a good art day really,  oen portrait went badly wrong.  I've not done any portraits for a week or so,  I practised for a while and the knack came back.   Today was my lazy day,  my joints have all been aching like mad, my knees especially,  and my back, so thought I'd just take it easy.   On a happy note the shower is working again!   I decided to have one last go at fixing it,  I'd wired it up wrongly,  so with fingers mentally crossed I put the wires in the right places and switched it on - eureka,  it worked!    Very happy,  having a bath is nice, but not very easy for me,  and very awkward for washing my hair.  So glad to have that back.   Now have to find a new suite,  it can't be expensive, and has to be cat proof! 

All for today, back tomorrow with some art pics, I hope. 

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