Sunday, 8 March 2015

Another week has passed...

An interesting few days,  felt very irritated and edgy on Friday,  felt it building through the week.  Even snapped at a friend, which is not like me.   Feel better now.  

I picked up my cope of Leisure Artist, inside was a supplement of 'challenges'.   I chose this one,  it's not finished,  my limited range of skin tones left me a bit stuck.   I've remedied that by buying a better set,  would have liked the Prisma set, but wasn't sure about ordering from the USA.  So the drawing is on 'hold' till the pencils arrive,  don't want to muck it up.  

There was an interesting discussion on the FB group about wanting to get things right, and that means practise.   Some said it took the joy out of their art,  but I thought they'd got the balance wrong.   I set time aside to practise,  then move on to some drawing.  In doing so I think I've really improved,  for example I would never have tackled this picture a few weeks ago,  I would have been worried about getting things in the right place.  So the practise has paid off. 

I watched the latest Big Painting Challenge,  this week they had to tackle a still life, perspective and a painting of Blenheim Palace.   It is a fascinating watch,  all of them are artists and have talent,  but some lack the basic skills which is letting them down in the competition.   This doesn't diminish from their enjoyment, which is a good thing, and nor should it.  One lady has only been painting for a couple of years so she should take heart from getting this far.     Others are very, very good,  a couple have training, the others are self taught.   Yet I think what I'm picking up from it all is that you can be a trained artist, and be able to produce a very nice piece of work,   but there is that 'extra' bit,  that which true, instinctive artists possess,  which turns their work into something really special.  

I've spent some time trying to find a medium that I feel totally comfortable with.  I was okay with acrylics, and watercolours,    but I never felt truly confident with either.  But the pencils,  well,  that is a different matter,  I love them,   I have control,   and can do what I want with them.  I've had a good scout round today for books on the subject,   and found a few,  two are now safely on my Kindle!  I know I have much to learn, how to blend properly,  get a realistic feel to the picture.   But nothtng beats an afternoon of colouring!   

Harvey is in a better mood,  he drove me nuts on Friday,  we came close to a parting of the ways.  He was being is overly fussy self about his food,  which upset me.  It reminded me of mum and how I was unable to help her get back her zest for life,  brought back that feeling of utter frustration and helplessness.   I love Harvey, he makes me laugh,  puts a smile on my face every day, but this food thing just drives me mad.   All cats can be fussy, but he takes it to another level.   Yesterday he ate all his meals, cleared the dish each time, today,  well he gobbled up his breakfast,   missed lunch,  and now he's back to being fussy.    If I am reading his body language correctly, then he is a content cat, he rubs around my legs, loves being cuddled, and having head rubbing with me...  he's chatty,  too much sometimes!   But the food thing,  well he's impossible, but nor do I need any added stress. 

Got a few things to work on this week,  quite a lot of exercises in the books to get my teeth into.   Going to set aside some money for more pencils,  a birthday pressie to me,   and tackle a few much needed jobs in the flat. 

Have a good week,  and thanks for stopping by

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