Friday, 13 March 2015

The sound of silence

The sound of silence!   More on that in a mo.  In the meantime the drawing I was trying to do yesterday - a native American, which was the challenge.   I've somehow managed to do a younger version of him!   Think I also stretched the photo, so his face is longer.  The plaits drove me nuts till I revisisted a youtube tutorial on how to draw them,  phew.

Now working on a baby meerkat, and the colour drawing of the elderly lady,  only I've started that from scratch so I can make good use of the new skin tone pencils.   I think the second sketch is better than the first.

Didn't get much done on Wednesday because of the blokes drilling endless holes in the walls for the cavity wall insulation.  Harvey naturally disappeared at the sound of the ladders going up. 

Today it was back to the book,  and colouring an apple.  On the page it didn't look like anything,  now it looks pretty good.  Just need a really deep red. 

Oh lucky me!  The Big Painting Challenge  programme has brought out a book, I spotted it in Hobbycraft, but it was £20,  so I decided it would have to wait.  Then tonight I cheked out Amazon and, they have it for £10!  So it is on its way to me - yippee!    It had lots of tips and hints, plus step by step stuff,  my birthday present to me.  Well one of them,  got a few pencils today and thought I might pop to the art shop in town tomorrow.   Need a cheer up, not lookng forward to Mothers Day,  thought it was supposed to get easier?   For me it feels worse now than when she died.

My other nightmare is the roundabout near my home,  it worked fine,  there were a few hold ups at rush hour,  but you expect that.   Now they've gone and ripped it up,  no-one has any idea what they've done, or what it will look like when its finished.  There is now a road going right through it, of course that means traffic lights, so we go from a free flowing roundabout to numerous sets of bloody traffic lights - genius!  Then there are the 20 mph zones,  not just in the obvious places, like residential roads, but everywhere!    Today they'd put the signs up on an industrial estate - why?    What have they got against motorists?   They never improve the roads, just make them worse.

That's all for now, tomorrow's exercise is more fruit, a pear, then two apples and a pumpkin!   Thanks for stopping by.

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