Saturday, 30 January 2016

Everything in the garden is lovely!

What happened with the weather?   Yesterday morning it was cold, blowing a gale and raining, okay it was heavy showers.  By the afternoon the sky had cleared,  the wind had dropped and it wasn't too bad.  Then today!   Wowser,  nearly got blown over when I ventured out, and it was FREEZING,  it was all rounded off in the afternoon by hail and sleet,  lovely...  NOT.   So Harvey is stuck in, he refused to go out this morning,  couldn't blame him but he keeps hoping that things have improved and so keeps demanding that I go let him out.  One way to get some exercise I supposed. 

So to the lodge.   It is now complete,  the last things to go on were the two chimneys.  I dabbed on some paint and then sprinkled the sand over them,  then they were painted again.  There is just a little more weathering to be done on the house.    So I've been able to focus on the landscaping.  

The first thing to do was to plan the garden and cemetery.  Next was to add the paper clay, the plywood was given a couple of coats of mod podge as a primer.  The road separating the cemetery and lodge has been cobblestoned.   For the time being it has been protected with masking tape while I get on with transforming the rest into a garden and cemetery.

After the paperclay had dried it was given a rough coat of green paint,  the colour didn't matter as it was going to be covered up.  

I was delighted when the postie delivered my fence, gate and headstones.  The little picket fence is super cute,  but will need another pack.  I've also experimented with making a brick wall using some balsa wood.  I had a longish piece,  just the right height and thickness, however trying to use the brick mask on it was decidedly messy.  Methinks a bigger piece of balsa would be less messy.

Today it was time to start adding the grass.  I've got three types,  an under grass,  a darker green top grass and some clumpy grass.   I've started with the undergrass,   and begun now to scatter on the clumpy stuff.   It will need at least one more layer.   The paths have gravel on them,  I did think about paving stones, but cos the path is curved I chickened out.   The gravel will be painted, it looks far too new at the moment.  Just beside the house is a small paved area.   There will be bushes as well,  and the wall.   I've also got to paint the headstones, and then arrange them.  I'm basing it on the small village graveyard near me.   

It's been a bit of a frustrating day, it was too cold for me to stay out,  the Raynauds is getting worse.  I had to get my prescription,  normally I'd drop it at the chemist, do my bit of shopping at Home and Bargain next door and then go back for the 'script.  But today I stayed in Boots to warm up, and get my hands working.   As the pharmacist gave me the 'script I thought the bag was a bit small,  so had a look and, no painkillers!  Yikes,   the pharmacist checked the 'script,   there were just three items on it.   Now I would never forget to order my painkillers, and I can remember ticking all four boxes on the repeat bit of the 'script, so the mistake is down to the surgery.  Luckily I still have enough to get me through the next couple of days.  I was angry and upset,   then when I logged onto the computer FB had decided to remind me of what happened on 30 Jan 2013,  just 6 weeks before mum died, and she hadn't been having a good time, which had been reflected in my post.  A double whammy, and one that I just didn't need.     I was cheered up when Jamie Murray, brother of Andy, won the doubles at the Australian Open,  so now Andy has to win tomorrow.   I kept busy with the landscaping,  this time of year has always been an emotional time as my father died in early January, and for various reasons his funeral was slightly delayed.   Now it is doubly emotional because of mum's rapid decline in health in January 2013.    I'm waiting for appointments as well, which is always stressful,  oh and the shower decided to kind of go kaput!   This time I do need a brand new switch,  the present one has overheated and melted the wires.  It is a niggly issue, but even so,  it is another problem. 

That's it for today,  tomorrow is ironing day,  and hopefully celebrating a win by Andy Murray!   Now that would be a nice end to the weekend, two Brits have won so far, so come on Andy, make it a threesome.   I've got more landscaping and painting to do,  but that won't be a chore.  I hope the weather is a little better so poor Harvey can get out, he's just tried again, he did venture further than the front door for all of five minutes.  He's now filled up his tummy and is settling down on my bed. 

I hope that wherever you are the weather isn't too bad and that you are safe and warm.  Thanks for stopping by.

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