Friday, 2 May 2008

better news

Think I need someone to whack me over the head with a mallet... just need a good nights sleep. Funny, me, my brother and sister are all exhausted, can't sleep and who can sleep - mum! Yep, she is getting a good nights rest, while the rest of us are on tenterhooks. Went to see her today, she was very bright, I took all her birthday cards in, so that cheered her up. Tho me and my brother think that our mother was as high as a kite on the morphine, she has an 'on demand' drip attached, we both think she is getting a bit too attached to it. But it made for an amusingish visit, tho at one point she seemed to have a funny turn, she said she was dropping off, but it was more than that... course we told the staff and they came in, checked her and of course she was all bright and compus mentus! I didn't want to alarm her, so couldn't just dip out to tell the nurse exactly what I'd seen. All the stress has gone straight to my back, which is protesting like mad, nor do hospital chairs help, can't sit in them for very long... But did get a night off from visiting duties, has cold as it sounds, you do need a break, and some normality... well as normal as it can be. Have found myself feeling the need to keep myself busy, just don't want to sit and dwell on things.

Hope to get some crafting done at some point, just want to lose myself in something for a while. No thoughts in taking part in any challenges, just to do my own thing. May get all the stuff out tomorrow, oddly enough mum said: you'll be enjoying yourself. A reference to me having the place to myself, and normally I would enjoy it, but not like this.

Did buy new phone, old one was useless, could hardly hear anyone, and if you moved about you lost the blooming signal. So now the proud owner of two digital phones... and will have to explain the new fangled things to mum when she gets out. I think they are easier to use than the old one... she no doubt will beg to differ! Called in sick to work, told them my back is bad (which it is) and I'm stressed out. I just couldn't cope with work, think I'd end up thumping some of our most annoying so called 'customers'. So best I stay away.

Looking forward to a bit of a lie in tomorrow... then off to hospital for visiting. At least all this stress is doing wonders for the weight loss... did think the old jeans were a bit loose! But may need a heavy duty hair dye to cover the extra grey bits.

Oh photo is of a pathetic attempt at a screen card, and it was pathetic. Well got five more to pratice on!

enjoy the bank holiday weekend.

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