Thursday, 8 May 2008


Hard to think that this time last week I was wondering whether my mum would still be alive. She is now back on the ortho ward, and is progressing, albeit slowly. She also has my old mobile, not that she knows how to work it... just hope she remembers to switch it off, else she'll drain the battery. She is not too confident with new fangled things. Did tell brother to explain the ins and outs of a mobile phone, a PAYG phone! Need mum to realise that she can't chat to her hearts content. It has also taken us four days to track down the cardiologist who saw her last week... we just wanted to know what was what. Laughed when he insisted on saying that my mum had had an; Insult to the heart... what! What is wrong with Heart Attack? Felt like telling him to junk the PC talk and use plain speak. Do like it tho when I see them change their attitude when I say that I was a paramedic... think they realise that they're talking to someone with medical knowledge.

But has been tough few days, have been signed off with stress - understatement of the year. My own GP was very understanding, tho he refused to give me any happy pills, frankly I could use a couple.

The crafting has gone out of the window. Managed to make the above card the other day, used my favourite stamp, a cat stamp (nope did not buy it from QVC!), used a black versamark ink pad to stamp the image then used some enamel powder, but while it was still hot sprinkled on some more to get a really thick impression. Was going to just do some simple matting layering, but the mats slipped, and I liked the fan idea that had accidentally happened, then cut four strips of card, two silver and two black to give it an art deco feel.

Have been trying to do some scrapbooking, but my creativity seems to have taken a break... or it could be the heat, it is lovely, and I'm not complaining about this gorgeous weather, just that the flat gets stuffy.

Talk to you again soon.

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Cazzy said...

I like the kitty card, is the black and white a reflection of your mood Cass?

Sorry you aren't well, your mum too!
We miss you on PCJ! Lots of messages there wishing you well!
Wish we lived nearer, I would come round and give you a hug!