Monday, 5 May 2008

what day is it?

The days have merged into one, glanced at the calendar and realised it was still at April! Then went over to corner shop for paper and milk, came back with paper, made cup of coffee and... no milk! Feel as if I am on an ever spinning merry-go-round... I go see mum, then have to update everyone... sadly most are of the Aged P generation, and none have mobiles, else I could just text them - Mum is fine! Hey ho... The upside is my jeans are loose, and a pair of favourite trousers even looser (in fact keep on having to hitch them up... so stepped on scales... I've lost 4lbs... want to lose weight: get stressed out!

Really want to do some crafting, have got a day off from visiting tomorrow (all being well, keeping fingers and toes crossed) so will make some thankyou cards for the staff who have been caring for mum. Now just have to convince brother to make up a visiting rota, so he and me, get a break.

Been gathering photos to scan and then scrapbook... by a happy accident I seem to have started a family album. It wasn't intentional, since none of us particularly like to have our photo taken, they are hard to come by. But found a few today. Might even scrapbook my graduation photo! It is a nice photo us kids with mum. Mum was really proud that day, me being the first to get a degree, and being the most unlikely one to actually get to university. Knew how she felt when I witnessed my god-daughter going from graduand to graduate... big moment, lump in throat time. Also going to pester all family for photos.

Well hopefully tomorrow there will be some crafting stuff... two hours of the Bibster, and of course it is National Scrapbooking day on Thursday, with QVC going bonkers for 24 hours on craft, I shall be in seventh heaven.

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