Sunday, 18 May 2008

Drowing not waving

Just when you think things couldn't get worse, they do. Its as if life keeps on placing banana skins along my path, no sooner has one crisis ended than another arises.

Mum was making good progress, walking a little further each day, getting stronger, and more determined to get out of hospital. We all thought that she'd be out by mid week this coming week. Then clang... another crisis. Last Sunday, as the nurses were moving her back onto her bed she felt a sharp pain in her recently replaced hip, the next day they had it x-rayed, all seemed okay. But x-rays can continue to develop, and what may seem fine at first may not be. And so it was with mum, on Thursday the registrar broke the news that in fact she'd suffered a fracture where they'd put the new hip prothesis, the pointy part of it, bit that goes into the femur. We were hoping that some bed rest might suffice, but nope, they need to operate to stabilise it. The last thing any of us want after what happened during her initial hip replacement op. They've given her blood, stopped her blood thinning drugs.... yep I know that they will be monitoring her carefully.... but so far she has bucked the trend in the odds against the bad stuff happening, in going into shock after the op, in suffering a fracture... and want the bad feeling I have to go away.

I'm trying to remain positive, around mum at least, but it isn't easy.

Somehow I managed to do some scrapbooking, as a distraction. The pic is the first of two pages I've done this weekend. One, this one, took an afternoon, but mainly because I did so much cutting out, the other just took an hour.

Skool Dayz - entitled only cos I was short of certain letters, and couldn't be bothered to fire up the robo. I used my QVC TSV (from last week), took a piece of plain dusky pink card, then used a sheet of the star paper, cutting a strip off but also cutting round the stars, I cut out the photo, matted it onto some cream card and cut round that, then slotted it behind the paper (sort of!). I cut out some more stars and dotted them around the photo, then cut a piece of black card, to act as a sort of psuedo black board, and added the lettering.

thanks for stopping by, sorry it is pretty gloomy


Lollies said...

Its Great WEll DOne!!!!

Ickle Pickle said...

Well done, it's lovely :)