Sunday, 4 May 2008

Family matters

Not sure if I am coming or going, or have been and come back. Last few days have passed in a whirlwind. Now worried about my brother, he has a serious heart condition, but of course, being a man, he won't listen to any of us. He needs to slow down a little, otherwise I'll be visiting two patients.

Mum is at last on the road to recovery, now much happier at being on a normal ward, well on the coronary care unit, but at least she is free of drips etc. Tho still attached to heart monitor, and still getting blood. Mind you she was a blood donor, so figure she is getting back what she put in! I also was a blood donor, then I became anaemic so they stopped taking it from me. Anyone who has an hour to spare, go give a pint of blood, you may help save someone's life.

Mum kept me and my brother amused on Friday, she had been given a morphine pump for pain relief, during our visit she kept on pressing the button... she almost ended up as high as a kite. All the drugs were confusing her, she is much more like her normal self. Well almost.

Managed to get some scrapbooking done.... started it yesterday, it was a bit serendipitous, pulled out a couple of papers and stuck inbetween where a few scraps of paper. I'd been flicking thru the scrapbooking mag, and had taken a fancy to the circles layouts. So took one piece of pearlescent purple paper, cut two circles, cut four strips of co-ordinating paper, found some purple ric rac ribbon, plus an oddment of white ric rac, and arranged on paper as it took my fancy. Also used a stamp from a Do Craft goody bag, did use some enamel powder, and added a few bubbly gems. Only one title for it: Family Matters.

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