Monday, 12 May 2008

Summer at last!

Been a while since I last blogged. Been busy with hospital visiting etc, and trying to get the flat ready for when mum comes home. Had to do battle with the fridge door, the OT said to turn it round... easy for her to say, took me a good couple of hours to switch it. Also washed all the suite covers, and gave the suite a bit of a scrub up, that oxy stuff is fantastic.

Mum is on the up, but very slowly, too slowly I think. Told her yesterday to try to walk outside her room, or at least get a few steps from the door, its definitely a confidence thing. But she has to get herself going, at this rate she'll be in hospital for weeks. I'm sure she'd do better if she were on one of the wards, instead of being stuck in a side ward.

I've been having my own wobbly moments, think everything came crashing down, not just family situation but also work. Got call from boss, I've asked just to have my hours adjusted, only slightly, I thought she might just do the sensible thing and just alter my rota... but nope. It has to be done properly, so I have to fill in form and hand it in, someone has to review it... Why do some people make life more complicated? Fortunately the lovely weather has been helping to lift my spirits, can't believe we've had so many sunny days strung together. Long may it last! We did have a big thunderstorm yesterday evening, just got home in time to get the washing off the line before the heavens opened.

At last managed to get some crafting done, had a bit of a struggle with on scrap page, ideas just wouldn't come, sat and stared at photo for a couple of days. Finally got a bit of an idea, and then it began to grow. Had more success with layout above. First managed to come across some lovely stuff in the WH Smith sale in town, they're relocating to the new mall, so everything was being sold off. Wish I'd known earlier, got two DCWV scrap pads for half price. Not much else left, so I settled for those. Papermill shop has now sorted itself out, got much more scrapbooking stuff, and penny black stamps. So what did I buy? Two lots of peel offs, two packets of glittery flowers and a crafty bitz thing of baby embellishments. Also got a couple of T shirts from M&S.

Scrap page: This is of my friend Debbie with her hero Lindsay, who she met at some event in Birmingham. I used papers from my new scrap pad, using one as the base, then the stripes as the accent, just had some bits of blue card laying around, so added them as giant sized photo corners. Stuck on four flowers, green and white, then the lettering, persuaded the robo to cut the large amphersand (& sign), and one of the sentiments from the scrap pad 'Keep Smiling'.

Now got to go find some humorous verses for a 30th birthday.

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Cazzy said...

Nice layout and sentiment!

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