Wednesday, 23 July 2008

2000 views plus! Wow, thank you for all dropping by

Well last time I was here my blog was hovering just below the 2000 mark, now it has passed it. I just sit here and have a good old chunter, 'bout whatever takes my fancy, tho lately it has mostly been family stuff.

So the good news, at last my mum is home from hospital. She should have been discharged on Monday, but the staff cocked it all up, to say we were angry is only half the story, we were fuming. They'd built her hopes up only to dash them again.. and all because of their incompetence. Someone, somewhere needs to put in place some decent methods, practice... whatever, cos at the moment the NHS seems to work on an ad hoc basis, or as and when... I knew from my own experience that the ambulance service needed 24 hours notice for any discharge, but the staff kept insisting that they didn't. So I rang the ambulance service, and I was right! Mum's tired at the moment, but it ain't over, there is no way we are letting the hospital get away with what happened, while the nursing care was largely excellent, there was stuff that was appalling. Stuff like not thinking a patient might like to get a shower, wash their hair, feel human. Moan over, it will be kept for those who need to hear it, and boy are they going to get both barrels, as the staff did on Monday, first time I've actually lost my temper with them. Must have had some effect as they were mighty nervous of me the next day.

Pic - is of inside of my new baby exploding box. I really did enjoy making it, made use of some bits that had been lying about for ages. Just got new issue of LGC, fantastic stuff in it, looking forward to using it at some point.

Well too hot here, need to get outside for a breath of air...

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