Wednesday, 9 July 2008

the big bite

Well I am loving my BB (big bite), it is pink, verrry pink! Tis tho a tad tricky to use when you set the gromlets, as you have to work upside down! Think my one improvement would be to magnetise the eyelet bit, and alter how you set the gromlets. Only one teensy gripe, one of the gromlets I set on the page opposite, well the legs turned 'in', and I didn't do anything different between setting the first and the one that went wrong. Aside from that, love it, easy to use, the ruler is very useful. I'm lucky in that I had my 'growing' pains with my cropadile, when I got that I did make a few mistakes, mostly due to me squeezing far too hard, a mistake another friend is doing at the moment with her big bite. I've told her she'll get the hang of it. But it was a fantastic deal from QVC, they also chucked in loads of gromlets in different colours. And some fancy ones.

My pic: a mix of TSV's and Hobbycraft bargains! Papers are from a TSV, the scrapbooking kit, it came in a lovely two drawer box... papers are gorgeous! I used a plain blue piece of card, then cut up the baby boy paper, taking the strip of stars off, using it as a border, and using the dotty paper to matt the photo, cut a frame, then edged it with yellow, and then used some of the large flowers I'd got in my Hobbycraft bargain hunt a few weeks ago... and some large brads, finished off with some white gromlets, lettering was from the TSV. It was Joe's christening, think you can tell how proud a grandfather my brother is!

Almost over my disappointment from the weekend, I managed to avoid all pictures/film of Nadal winning wimbledon... I wanted Federer to win his sixth title. I just love how he plays, effortless and with such artistry. I got to the point where I couldn't watch. Not a great wimbledon, great final, lousy women's tournament, sorry but to have two players dominate was not fun... all over now till next year.

And summer has arrived, it is chucking it down!

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