Sunday, 13 July 2008

Summer has sneaked back in!

After a washout week at last the sun is shining! Was tossing up what to do, go for a walk along the beach or... give the car a much needed wash and polish. The car won. Well when it reaches the point where you can't see out of the windscreen it is definitely time to wash it.

The flat is surrounded by scaffolding, we should have had our new windows, well two of them, put in on Friday, but got home to find old windows in situ. Some bozo had sent the frames but no glass, now windows and glass are like bread and butter, they go together! Can see that I am going to lose patience with how the work is going on the windows and cladding, workmen are working slowly, as in verrrrrry slowly. If they've not finished by Wednesday I shall blow a gasket, I wonder if they'd like to live like this, surrounded by scaffolding, not able to put out any washing, or sit out and enjoy the sun? So they either pull their finger out or...

Photo is of the inside of a thankyou card, made for future use as in when mum finally leaves hospital. Tho she is probably in the best place and away from all the chaos. Decided to make a lantern card, found a nice peel off and stuck it on some acetate, dithered as to whether to colour it in,but then decided to leave it. Had just got the Big Bite, so made use of it, cut two triangles of glitter card and stuck them on either side of the aperture, then attached two lilac gromlets. Put two darker ones on the outside of the card and threaded thru some ribbon. Just trimmed edges of aperture with some peel off stripes, and some round the triangles, which I coloured purple.

Work is a bit hit and miss, I just don't want to be there. Just not in the mood for it. Had some silly annual appraisal with boss, well she was gentle as she knows exactly what has been happening in my life. But frankly didn't have the energy to argue when she brought up a 'mistake' I was supposed to have made, I knew damn well I hadn't. She kept on asking me what I wanted to aim for next year, who the hell cares? It is a ruddy library, people come in to borrow books, read newspapers, use the computers... it ain't up to me to marke the library, that is up to those in charge. And a lousy job they do of it!

Got more happy pills, doctor did ask me if I wanted to increase the dose, was tempted. They just about take the edge of things, so I said I'd see how things go. He took my BP, amazingly it was normal, in fact as usual it was below normal... which intrigued him! I've always had low blood pressure, not even an increase in nicotine raises it. He was nice tho, let me have a talk and a moan, and when I tried to turn conversation to mum, he said all he wanted to know was how I was feeling and coping. Same thing with one of my neighbours, he stopped today as I was washing the car, asked how I was, started to say how mum was, and he said, no I asked how YOU were. Creaking under the pressure if the truth be told, I am mum's prime carer, so everything falls on my shoulders, she calls me if she wants something, I am the one who is washing bloodstained nighties, towels, and seeing the reality of it all, which she doesn't show to either my brother or sister. They've both said they'll take more on, but she has to let them...

And had a lovely Friday evening, was channel hopping and stumbled across a Carpenters night, on BBC4, so sat and indulged myself... then went on to Itunes and bought Karen's solo album. Oh for a digital recorder... must get one!

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Cazzy said...

I love that card Cass, sorry you are having such a rough time. My appraisal was pants too!

My boss makes some allowances for me being ill but I feel that everyone is laughing about me behind my back especially when I do something daft which my thyroid brain lets me happily.