Monday, 28 July 2008

ain't it hot!

Tho I don't like to complain too much, as I do remember our miserable wash out of a summer last year. But we were at the point of thinking about bribing some kids to lob a few bricks thru our unopenable windows, which need replacing, which we have been promised will be replaced... just be nice to know when!

I left work and went for a wander round Woolies, just to cool off. Some bloke tried his best to get me to try some make up, told him it was far too hot for make up.

Came home to find mum with niece, but mum looked tired, and another few visitors were due soon. Luckily they took the hint and didn't stay long. Still awaiting some pratical help from family, other than dropping by for a chat! My sister rang yesterday, she thought I was joking when I said I'd leave the ironing for her.... I wasn't joking!

Yesterday afternoon I spent indulging in some scrapbooking, my brother e-mailed me some photos and I just couldn't resist getting out the stuff. IV nurse was fascinated, she thought at first I was making cards, so I had to explain what I was doing. She'd not seen scrapbooking before. I had a very happy time putting two pages together. Tho I should have been doing a swap card... which has me stumped, tho I do have a couple of very whimsical ideas. Just a question of finding some time. Guess the evenings will have to become craft sessions.

Used some grandparent pages, from a kit I got from QVC a while a go, used some blue card, but used a tearing ruler as a template to cut it, one remmant I used on the edge of the paper, put some brown ribbon behind blue card, for some definition, added the sentiments, yep, another QVC kit! And finished it off with 3 blue gems, only cos they'd been lying around begging to be used for something.

Also excited about another colleague at work who is also to be a grandmother next January! Showed her the box I'd made for our mutual friend, she was thrilled with it and placed an order. Also want to try to get another baby page made before Wednesday, but need the kit I've ordered to arrive! Why can't these people just ship it out toot sweet!

Well off to hit a cold shower... I'm melting. Thanks for dropping by.

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Cazzy said...

Hi Cass,
Yes it is too hot for me too! I hate it.

Loving the thunderstorms and rain though.

I wish your family would help you, it is easy to leave it all to you and forget that your mum needs a lot of looking after. I think they should look after you too!

Lovely layout, love the blues.