Monday, 14 July 2008

Monday, monday....

A very rude start to the week, having to get up early to once again take the curtains down. I mean who wants to be tackling a screwdriver at 7.30 a.m? Window fitters arrived at 8.15, let them in, they said they'd start right away, and they did... with hammers and drills! Made them a cuppa, said I'd left tea bags, milk and choccy biccies... and headed to work! Well not to work, to do some early morning shopping, anything to escape all the noise.

At work for some daft reason I volunteered to do the weekly cash, a fraught affair at the best of times as our boss is so pernickety. All was going well till I realised that there were a few mistakes, people entering stuff in the wrong place, also saying we were 5p over when we were actually 5p under! All made for hair tearing stuff. Felt better in a weird way, I always thought it was me who stuffed up, boy was I wrong, found two cash sheets with 'void' all over them, stuffed up by another member of staff! Well i've only stuffed up the weekly cash once in 5 years. Then out to face the great unwashed, all those who wait at the door to get in, and those who filter in later, to sit blank faced at the computers, playing silly games or in chat rooms... none have ever done a days work in their life. There is one of our customers that none of us can stand, she has a whiny voice, spends her entire day just playing mindless games on Yahoo, and gets in a strop if she can't get on a computer. She at least knows better to come anywhere near me, I've already told her to book her own darn computer slots. And then there is the plain daft, like being asked how far an airport is from a hotel... how the hell would I know? Or being asked for a film/book with Arthur in the title.... lets see, yep 1000 results! Go figure why I asked customer to get name of author or director, or even better, figure out if it was a film or book.

Could also not work out boss's logic to leave us on minimum staffing, since she knows my current situation, which is: that I could damn well be heading for the hospital at any time. I was annoyed, well we all were. To be left to manage such a large library with only 3 staff, one of whom is stressed out beyond belief, and on medication for it. Maybe my own doctor had a premonition, as on Friday he asked me if I was sure I wanted to be at work... well no is the truthful answer... anywhere but. Maybe I should have taken up his offer of a sick note.

Pic - is of outside of thankyou card, inside posted last night. Plain and simple, as I like it. Just some large peel off letters, few peel off flowers, one line, oh and a gromet, bit of ribbon... voila!

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