Friday, 4 July 2008

a no crisis week, can it last?

Not been a bad week, even the sun has managed to shine for the last few days.

Have been dipping into the QVC craft shows all week, well tennis came first. Nice of QVC to give us them, but a little more time spent on the hints and tips would have been really nice. And why not put them on over the weekend? Must think all of us crafters are sitting at home.

Couldn't resist buying the Big Bite on Tuesday, such a great price. Been wanting one for ages but didn't feel like forking out £34.99 for one, saw them at that price at the Papermill. Thought it was a bit mean of them to sell the case separately tho. It still hasn't arrived :-( Hoping it will tomorrow...

Did manage to put on my crafting hat this week and get down to some much needed crafting. Deciided to make a couple of cards, but to do decoupage, just wanted something soothing and I find that the cutting is relaxing. Well it is if you choose papernation! They're easy to cut, not too fiddly. Made one for mum as a cheer me up, and one for a friend who is waiting to become a grandmother. Then decided to finish off a scrap page I started two weeks ago. I had everything cut out, it was just a case of sticking it all down, tho I hadn't been in the mood to do so. It did need a few finishing touches, luckily LMC came to the rescue with its holiday themed kits, I used the dolphins and star fish as accents. Also use my cropadile to set some eyelets round the white circle, the lettering was one of my bargain buys from Hobbycraft last week. It did need one more thing, so decided to cut an arc from the patterned paper, and just off set it between the two circles. Just enough methinks, it is easy to get carried away.

Must have finally got the creative juices flowing again as I've started another scrap page - but want to use the big bite on it!

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Sequin Bead said...

QVC has been really quite good hasn't it? I quite enjoy these shows that are on just now. Sat and watched Dawn Bibby yesterday doing her Papercrafts show. Was very good too!

Good on you purchasing the Big Bite ! x