Saturday, 26 July 2008

Summer is here!

Tho not so happy about the oppressive heat, which fortunately seems to have subsided a little.

Well mum is home, and I am knackered, still waiting for the promise of help to arrive from my brother and sister... they have on week and then it is both barrels. Both have spent more time with their mother these last 3 months than the whole of last year, but now she is out of hospital things seem to have quickly returned to normal. Sister phoned to say she wouldn't be coming over at the weekend cos she was tired, like I'm not. She is tired as she spent last weekend with her children and a few friends, enjoying a nice break.

They're all in for a shock come September, cos I'm hightailing it out of here for a week. I love my mum, love her dearly, but she is not my sole responsibility.

In meantime had high hopes of a new craft outlet... popped over to the Do Crafts site last night, well they had lots of offers on and saw that a new garden centre was a Do Crafts stockist. So went today, well it was a wasted journey. They'd assigned one small section to the craft stuff, a few stamps, lots of peel offs, one paltry set of embossing powder, no ink pads to speak of, a few bits of scrapbooking stuff.... it took me five minutes (and that is being generous) to walk round it all. I left empty handed and disappointed, had been hoping to indulge in a splurge.

Have been sort of tempted by some scrapbooking stuff on QVC, but waiting for Rosemary Merry to come on. Not tempted by the TSV, not my thing, guess tho if anyone is doing craft fairs they'd make a neat profit on the kit.

Pic - top of my exploding new baby box, it is a nice sentiment.

Enjoy the sunshine!

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