Saturday, 19 July 2008

Ooh we're all posh

Well after a tortuous week of building work the flat is all done! And very posh we now look, with new bright white cladding, new windows and a new door. Tho the door proved to be problematic, especially when a neighbour asked me to help her get into her flat.... and I couldn't! Ooer... so had several practices with the new lock, but still found it a faff when it came to the real thing. Best of all they took the scaffolding down on Friday... bliss, at last the flat is light again.

But best news of all... finally, at long last, my mother is being discharged from hospital. She thought it would be straightaway, but there was a lot to arrange, district nurses etc, so it won't be till Monday. She was trying her best to get me to go visit her again (been tonight) tomorrow afternoon... but after 3 months of non stop visiting, having not missed my slot... I'm afraid I refused. I'm shattered after a week of building work, having to get up early, get me ready for work, and flat ready for builders to come in, plus hospital visiting, washing nighties for mum, getting them back to her toot sweet. Oh and a bit of furniture shifting, so she can move around the flat more easily.

Finally found some time to finish off my new baby exploding box that a colleague had asked me to make for her. Was waiting on the photos, which couldn't be taken until Ruby decided to make her entrance in the world, and boy did she hang on in there! She was supposed to have been a June baby, but hung on till July. But I loved putting it all together today, with the photos and all the baby bits. Also did a scrap page, my not so gentle hint to my pal that a baby scrapbook would be a fab idea!

Tho was happy to be indoors today, it may be the middle of July, so what was our weather like, well windy, 50 mph at the Open Golf tournament (just down the road), raining (horizontal rain) and cold... so darn cold I put the heating on.

Well still got lots to do... must go and rest before I tackle the massive clean up...


Cazzy said...

Cute box, and good news for you on your Mum!

Hope she gets all the support she needs so you don't have to do so much Cass!

Thanks for popping over to my blog.

Cass said...

You're welcome Cazz, I hope to start playing a more involved role in PC Junkies... now that life is returning to normal.

And you have a great blog!