Wednesday, 30 July 2008

crash, bang, wallop

Well yesterday ended with a thunderstorm, two to be precise. The first was a bit pathetic, just a few rumbles, then fifteen minutes later - BANG! A true storm, lightning, large crashes, torrential rain.... and still it remained muggy. Can cope with dry heat, can cope with sun, but not this humid stuff.

Well did get some help, from one of the nurses, she was a trooper and rang all those that needed to be rung, so today a social worker came round, and she promised we'd get more equipment, a perch stool, trolley etc. Physio has also promised to come. Sister also came, and to be fair she did try to do some housework, but mum wouldn't let her, so lost temper with mum. Told her that we'd had this conversation and she had agreed to no longer treat the family as guests, but as practical helpers. Sis is also quitting work, so will be able to help more, and she is keen to help. Just to cap a bad afternoon my cheese sauce curdled! I was making a cauliflower cheese, it looked fine when it went into the oven, but when it came out, yuk! Had to make the cheese sauce all over again. Was also going to do the hoovering, which my sister had offered to do, but social worker came and needed to see mum, so living room still looks like a tip.

At last delivered the new baby exploding box, Jules was delighted, gave me a big hug, and was extra pleased when I showed her the above scrapbook page. I've got a baby album, and have been waiting for any old excuse to start it. Jules was delighted with the idea.

Pic is a mix of stuff from LMC and QVC. Paper was from a QVC kit, some bits and bobs from crafty bits, plus stuff from an LMC mag from a while ago. Coloured the peel off letters with a red pen, oh and added a lovely sentiment about daughters. Looking forward to doing the rest of the scrapbook.

stay cool....

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