Thursday, 27 October 2011

All clean and tidy

Blimey what a day,   woke up early and then drifted back to sleep, when I woke up again I was sure it must be quite late... wrong!  It was still early,   but I got up as I had quite a lot to get through: housework,  ironing,  cleaning windows,  and of course thinking about what to cook for evening meal.   Also need to check over the washing up, which my mum insists on doing, but isn't really doing very well, so I am finding myself washing up again, only trying not to let her know.  Such is the life of a carer. 

Yesterday I was with some carers,  of course we all had a moan,  but it is also nice to be with those who really do understand.   We also had a good laugh,  which is just as important.  

I also got some good news regarding my application to work as a reiki practitioner at the carers centre,  so have a few more forms to fill in.  So good to hear things are moving forward.  Will be having a chat with the manager soon. 

So today was exhausting,  and of course there was my mum,  who now takes all morning to get dressed, and so today was holding me up.   I just wanted to get the housework out of the way, and would have done had she not decided to sit doing crossword puzzles in her bedroom for an hour this morning,  and then wanting to get her shower when I was about to clean the bathroom.    I thought she was already washed and dressed, that she'd been waiting for me to finish the living room...  WRONG, she'd just been faffing about.    Then my sister skyped,  so mum settled herself in my room,  meantime the pile of ironing had reached topple state, so I tackled it.    Then filled the washing machine,  this week it seemed impossible to empty the washing basket! 

I did manage a bit of crafting on Tuesday,  went mad with the brayer and a couple of new stamps, mini stamps of birds on a wire, or branch...  the pic above is one of the said stamps.  There is no 'tree' on the stamp, I had to draw it,  but was pleased with the result.  I made about six brayer cards,  ended up with very blue fingers!  My brayer is also now a luminous green, made mistake of using wrong ink on it,  so it is now stained with green, but it still works and there is no transfer of the green ink.

Tomorrow there is another psychic art workshop,  should be intriguing.   Well this is the spooky time of the year, and the barn is a very spooky place,  though the spooks it has are generally very friendly.  Looking forward to it,  then on Saturday I'm at a Mind Body and Spirit fair, doing research for the new business... more on that at a later date.   It all suddenly seems to be happening!

Take good care

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kokoclowie said...

Hand drawn tree huh? Excellent job, I'm really loving the brayered cards, must pluck up the courage to have another go myself!

Karen xxx