Sunday, 2 October 2011

Back to normal!

Yep, grey skies this morning,  some light rain, the garden appreciated the wet stuff.  Still very muggy though.  Inconsiderate neighbour  lived up to her reputation last night,  think she must have slammed every door in her flat several times over,   after midnight of course! 

Anyway after yesterdays spot of crafting, thought I'd have a go at a sunny picture.   I did watch Barbara Grey yesterday, and noticed how she made her clouds, only it didn't work for me, maybe the secret is to use a brand new versamark stamp pad?   So I used two different blues,  and then found a white ink pad!  And set to work,  just used some cotton wool screwed up, and the dab, blot technique that our Barbara loves.    Repeated the procedure for the hills,  using two different greens, a dark and light green,  mixed with yellow and white,  using a mask to get the definition.    Not bad for a first attempt. 

This is what I did next, a sort of slightly different take on the previous snow scene,  but in landscape mode.  Also added some 'snow' using a white sakura pen, once I'd got it going again.   During a rummage through the stamps I found the Celtic cross, so added that to it.  I used cotton wool balls again to add the sky, and further definition to the snow.   It does take longer doing it this way,  rather than with the brayer, I am not using the same brayer as Barbara, so that may make a difference.   Really I just wanted to show that you can get the same effect but in a different way.  I love Barbara Grey,  she is a fantastic teacher, and Nigel did prove that it was possible to achieve excellent results.   I hope CnC keep that up, let a beginner work along with Barbara during her lessons, that way us crafters can see what we can really achieve. 

Well it is Sunday, and so I have my one indulgence, a packet of crisps, salt and vinegar tonight, tho I no longer seem to have the munchies.   I'm being more active, but at the same time readdressing my food intake,  just monitoring the choc biscuits,  I've switched back to my apples,  well I only like Cox's,  they to me are the only apples that have any flavour.  I love my veggies,  usually my plate has more veggies than anything else - yep even sprouts and cabbage!   Can't get enough of the stuff.   Had a disaster last week with some mashed potato,  used up a baking potato, which normally cook very well, but this one didn't!  It was rubbish, had to throw most of it away as it had started to go black while boiling.   My mash is usually very good. 

Well it seems to have cooled down at last....  I'm not against hot weather, but it can be TOO HOT.   Spare a thought for us who have to endure umpteen hot flushes during the day!   It was kind of amusing today,  me and my God Daughter were suffering at both ends of the spectrum, she had bad period pains and I was having a hot flush.   Great to be female...

Have a lovely week... and take good care

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