Saturday, 29 October 2011

Feel like a soggy balloon

All out of energy,  think I'll be heading for my bed pretty soon.  Last night's workshop ran over,  the host arrived late, she had got held up on M6 due to an accident, so we didn't get started till 7ish.  I was trying to stay conscious of the time as I was the locker up for the night, plus I had to be somewhere today pretty handy so I really didn't want a very late night.  And so guess what?  Yep, it was a late night...  we had our psychic workshop,  and there were 6 of us, so there was a lot of readings to do after we'd finished paintings, then suddenly I realised it was nearly 11pm,  yikes!   Two people had a fair way to travel home,  so felt obliged to remind everyone how late it was.  Most took the hint, but one didn't, she seemed to want to continue chewing the fat till the wee small hours.     I finally crawled into my bed around midnight,  and although I was tired I still felt restless, so it took me a while to wind down.   Then this morning the alarm went off and I really just wanted to turn over and stay put.  But had to get up,  but there was no motivation to move,  my body refused to speed up.   I was also sure that my friend wouldn't arrive at our meeting point on time, so I had plenty of time?  Wrong,  she changed her plans, didn't tell me and so got there early.   Then I managed to take a wrong turning, ended up on a dual carriageway that is almost impossible to get off... and arrived about 45 minutes late.    We were meeting up at a mind body and spirit fair,  it was a bit of a disappointment, we both thought it would be bigger than it was, so I won't mention location.  Fortunately the little cafe was serving some very nice food,  and they had chips...  so we got some,  lots of chips, hot and very tasty, made up for the disappointment of the poor show.   It still proved a useful exercise as my friend had done a lot of networking while waiting for me to get there.  Got a few nice bits and bobs,  not much tho as there wasn't much there!  Hardly surprising given the high rental for the tables. 

Came home via the motorway, rather than take Googles convoluted route once again.  Must invest in a decent map book.   The trouble with the M6  is that it does have more than its fair share of accidents,  it is all down to a few who drive like idiots and who have no concern for others.  Today it was a straight drive back home, no hold ups anywhere, but sadly yes, there were the idiots weaving in and out of traffic, undertaking people etc.   On my way to the fair I had a huge lorry come up right behind me,  he sat about two inches off my bumper, he was trying to scare me, it had the opposite effect, I slowed right down. 

Word about the pic: a brayer and stamps... limited the drawing to the fence!   A few of my none crafty friends have been fascinated by these cards,  quite a few think I've drawn the pictures.  Us crafters know better,  no fooling you lot!   Will be doing more tomorrow, can't think of a better way to relax - which is what I need right now.

Have a lovely weekend - and if you are in the UK, don't forget, the clocks go BACK!

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