Tuesday, 4 October 2011

A good day!

Yes the dreaded MOT was due... well it was due last Thursday but garage forgot to contact me!   Then they said that there was no record of the free MOT I was offered when I bought the car from them :-(  Not a happy bunny, but stuck with using them as it was too late to go elsewhere.   So today was the day, got the car up to garage and was told they'd phone me when it was ready.  By 3 pm I was fed up of waiting so rang them, yep it was ready,  in fact think it had been ready for some time.  It had a clean bill of health, which you'd expect from a fairly new car.  So off to pick it up wondering if I'd have to pay for the MOT test.   Man in garage seemed to have had a change of heart,  I'd told him which salesman had sold me the car and promised me the free MOT, so even tho the salesman in question wasn't there they decided to take my word for it.   Phew.   So a celebration was necessary.... hmm what do do?   Ah, craft retail therapy!   So headed up to craft shop.    I got the speedball brayer, as used by Barbara Grey, far cheaper at craft shop than on CnC,  a couple of ink pads,  that brought it to £20, and that rounded off my loyalty card, so had an extra tenner to spend!   Nowt else for it,  got some Aqua markers, and some of the new fine point nibs for the pro markers. 

I did already have a brayer, but it was the much cheaper one,  really wondered what the difference would be, well soon found out, the speedball is much softer so you get a much better result.  In fact pretty much got a very good result after one attempt.   So think it will be brayering tomorrow  :-))   Got the Spiced Marmalade distress ink,  gorgeous colour, and the adirondack eggplant,  that will make a nice night sky. 

Think my little car had missed being used, she does love to get out and about,   so took her for a tootle round and of course got stuck in all the school traffic!   It was only 3pm and the schools were empty,  how come my school day didn't end till 4pm?  

Ah well all for now.... 

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