Sunday, 30 October 2011

All Hallows Eve...

So things may go bump tonight - LOL.  I just hope it will be a peaceful night,  that the trick & treaters will do their rounds, act sensibly but have fun. 

It is time for the clocks to go back.  A bit confusing at first, lighter mornings but darker earlier in the afternoon.  I was surprised at how dark it had gone at 4.30 pm.  

I'd had a successful afternoon with the brayer!  Checked out Youtube for some videos on how to do sunsets and reflections. This is my take on one such video,  I had to use different coloured ink pads, and had no reed stamp, so had to draw them, but even so I was chuffed with the result, not bad for a first attempt.  This was a case of building up the layers, used orange for the first coat,  then ripped and tore some paper, used a brown TH distress ink pad to do the mountains,  just letting them become lighter the further away they were supposed to be,  then went back over the sky with pink and lightish red ink pads,  then drew the reeds,  finished off with the flock of birds,  Tim Holtz stamp, and the sentiment. 

So I then decided to have another go,  using the same technique, but used more of the orange,  the bird stamp is again a Tim Holtz stamp,  sentiment is from set from papermania. 

Just nice to do something different.  Also tried the reflection technique but using acetate to transfer the reflection onto the card. You stamp the image on to a sheet of acetate, then lay it over the card and use the brayer to apply pressure.  I used a stayzon ink pad for stamping onto the acetate,  it is a bit sticker so doesn't slide. Will post pics in a couple of days.

When I was at the MBS fair (Mind Body Spirit) quite a few of the stalls had these 'inspiration' cards, some claimed they were hand made, more like they came out of a printer,  but most were price around the £4 mark.   People do these cards,  so I'll be making quite a few!  Think it may be better to do a production line, do the base bit then add the different stamps later.  

I also found that my Slice Findings card has birds on it, so I get some die cuts and then a mask!   Cut out some Owls,  bird on a branch and swallows.  Cut out a large Owl, made up the card and then added some glossy accents,  which are still drying.

Feel a bit more livier today,  got a good nights sleep, and also had the benefit of that 'extra' hour.   Even managed a trip to supermarket! 

Hope you've had a good weekend, many thanks for stopping by, take good care

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