Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Been one of those days

Some stuff went right, some stuff went wrong.  Wanted to try some of my Xmas stamps with the brayer,  had to ditch first idea as stamp wasn't going to work the way I wanted it.  Second almost worked,  just needs a few adjustments.

Finished off swap card,  saw a nice idea this morning on CnC, the presenter admitted she'd got the idea from a blog.  It is the faux stitching, but using a piercing tool, it looked okay will post pic as soon as it has reached its destination.    Then added some messages to a few pictures, like this one,  felt it was in need of something else, think the sentiment works quite well.

Now have the fine nibs for the promarkers,  the assistant said I needed a fine nib for every pen... blow that for a lark!  So today I swapped the fine nib from the brown pen to the green,  did a bit of scribbling till the green came through,  it worked fine.  I'm pretty sure I saw Barbara Grey do the same thing, or it could have been another presenter,  but they didn't say you needed a new fine nib for every pen you owned,  if you did it would cost a fortune.

This is a fresh card, used a Tim Holtz stamp,  had to do a bit of a cheat to make it seem as tho the branch stretched that far!  I wanted to just keep this very clean and simple.  I think I do prefer the Sapphire blue for the sky,  rather than the eggplant,  the sapphire seems richer.  Not sure if I should give the bird a red chest!

Felt sorry for the Welsh rugby team,  just pipped at the post,  I think my niece and her fiance may have been at the Millennium stadium on Saturday, as he is a keen rugby fan,  probably went out later to drown their sorrows.   And the Welsh team has not disgraced themselves on or off the pitch, unlike our moronic rugby lot.

Weather today was truly awful,  nothing else to do but to stay put!  Well after an emergency dash for vital supplies that is.   This weeks shop was the big one, had run out of stuff,  but got my 5p off petrol - so that was nice.  I wonder if those in power are in touch with the real world, the one that we all inhabit?   Do they know the price of anything?  Does that clot in ll Downing Street have any idea what putting VAT up to 20% has done?  It is okay for him, his nest is well feathered.  Time to rethink capitalism,  it is no longer fit for purpose. 

Got out some of the Christmas stash...  figured I couldn't avoid it anymore.  Got some flower soft freebies, so began with them.   May also experiment with brayer and stencils, using the dreamweaver paste.

Stay warm folks,  put on another layer.

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