Monday, 31 October 2011

Did it!

It took me 3 attempts but finally made the reflection card,  not a bad effort,  room for improvement I think.  I popped up to the craft shop to get some ink pads, light blue and yellow, then spotted a small skyline stamp which I thought would work well on this card.

There are some terrific tutorials on Youtube showing how to do this technique,  but in the mean time here's how:   take A5 card and cut it in half,   now using the light blue ink and the brayer,  put down a couple of coats of the blue,  then using the dark blue working from the top gradually add more colour, so that it is darker at the edges, leaving a light patch in the middle, turn card upside down and repeat.  Take your chosen stamp and using a black archival ink pad stamp your image,    using a piece of acetate, stamp the image again using stayzon, onto the acetate, then match it up with the original image (upside down) and use the brayer to transfer the image to the card.  It needed be a solid image or perfect,  remember it is a reflection.  Always use good quality card when brayering, the smoother it is the better the result.   It does take practice, but you will soon get the hang of it, learn how much pressure to apply, how to ink the brayer, just take your time and don't expect miracles,  practice on some scrap paper till you feel you've got the hang of it.

And here's one I made yesterday,  but got remade today!   The glossy accents ran a little, so had to gently remove the Owl and cut away the excess, then make the background again.   I put some orange card behind his nose and eyes,  making him look a bit creepy!    This picture was done on a A5 piece of card,  you don't have to stick to small cards to do the brayering.  I also put down a layer of the light blue ink, it seemed to make a difference to the night sky effect, and then using a versamark white ink pad I dabbed on some 'mist' around the moon.

Tomorrow I need to concentrate on my course, need to get an essay written!  Also getting a much needed hair cut,  I've only managed to last this long with the mop cos of some VO5 gel,  got it at the supermarket and tried it,  it really does hold the style in place.

 I also need to get started on the wedding invites,  get the printing done,  then start the candle decorating.  And of course will have to think about Christmas cards!   Methinks it may well be a kanban kit,  don't really want to be messing about too much.

I hope you are enjoying a peaceful Halloween. 

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