Tuesday, 11 October 2011

A dark and Stormy night

Which is how Snoopy (Peanuts cartoon) used to start his stories!   Been very stormy here,  2 days of rain so far,  just that steady drizzly stuff as well, which I hate as it is neither one thing or the other. 

Yesterday popped down to watch the river,  it was at boiling point, waves crashing in,  got there for high tide so it was even more dramatic.  Took a short video of it.  The river seemed to be matching my mood,  just felt very restless and wasn't able to settle to anything, not even crafting.    Did have a go but gave up as it was definitely going pear shaped! 

Made this picture on Saturday,  back to the brayer,  wasn't happy with the first attempt,  didn't feel right.   Made the sky very dark,  cut a larger circle to get a bigger moon,   I also got some make up sponges so was able to make a better job of the sponging technique. I think it came together nicely.  The sponges work much better than cotton wool, it felt like I had more control.  Did follow Barbara's instructions to blot the sponge first,   it does take more time that way but it is also worth it.    Think the branch needs a splodge of snow on it. 

Also need to apologise to my 3 legged toad, which is supposed to attract money.   Well nothing had been happening, so threatened to chuck him out.   He must have been listening as I've had 5 wins on the lotto since last Wednesday,  small wins, but as they say every little helps!   Actually on Saturday I was feeling very nervous,  switched on PC, logged into e-mail account and there was a nice e-mail from the Lotto people saying they had good news about my Euro Lottery ticket... ooer,  was it me?    Nope,  just got £3!   Then got two tenners on the lotto later!    I ain't complaining.   Always nice to win something. 

Got second lesson of my aromatherapy course tomorrow, looking forward to it, it was so relaxing last week. 

Many thanks for dropping by, take good care all and happy crafting.

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