Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Brrrrr.. cloudy and a cold wind

Not sure why the papers are saying it is 'mild',  not here is isn't!  Blooming freezing.   Really grey day today,  the sort of day that makes you want to snuggle up at home in front of a roaring fire.  Only there is no roaring fire here, just radiators,  which are not the same.
I did venture out though I could have done with another layer of clothing,  had my winter fleece, scarf, but neglected to put on gloves.   I thought I'd soon warm up with the walking,  but I didn't.    Took refuge in the carer's centre,  nice to sit down and have a cup of coffee.   Not sure who it is that bakes the delicious cakes, but I am glad they do!    Hobbled home,  facing the gloom again.  Managed to get a few bargains,  found a nice glass candle holder, it should hold 3,  for my niece's wedding decs, we have also decided on using some silk roses,  spotted some in M&S,   and I found more on ebay at a very good price.   Heard first Christmas song... Jingle Bells, so glad I don't work in a shop,  can you imagine listening to all the Christmas songs over and over again?   This year I am cutting back,  decided to make up some bath oils, creams and diffuser oils using my aromatherapy kit.    Still got a few Xmas cards from last year, so not going to go nuts this year.
Also picked up some nice storage containers,  just 2.99!   Need something large to take my ever expanding collection of inkpads.  This is all the fault of Barbara Gray,  I'm now addicted to brayering!   I think I may just need to purchase some of her stamps sets.  I'm half tempted to join her club.  Let's face it what she creates are works of art.  I do like it that she has someone doing the class with her on CnC,  one of the presenters,  at least then we can see what we will achieve realistically.   
I do have to mention that tonight's dinner was cauliflower cheese, one of the best I've made,  left it in the oven for over an  hour, so it was nice and brown,  also added leeks,  it was delicious.  One thing my mum can't moan about is my cooking,  we do eat well, and have plenty of variety.  Tomorrow it is stir fry!  Mum rather likes my stir frys,   dead easy,  one pot cooking, just how I like it.

Well all for now, thanks for stopping by.   I will get round to visiting you all soon.

Oops, forgot to mention picture,   used a Dreamweaver stencil, their embossing paste (silver),  made the background using a circle mask and some TH blue denim ink with a brayer.  

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