Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Dark days

Always the same at this time of year,  how the day seems to get ever shorter, the sun lower in the sky,  daylight disappearing around 4pm.   So there is more appreciation for any scrap of sunshine.  It was light today,  not as grey as it has been, or as cold. 

Since I had spent yesterday cleaning the flat from top to bottom, I figured I deserved a treat.   I put myself back in order, shower, washed my hair,  felt more human.  Marvelled at the now tidy bedroom!   What a difference!  Had a declutter,  rearranged the furniture and gave it a damn good clean.  As in vacuuming under bed,  which doesn't get done too often.   After that I got into car and went where the mood took me,  which was the craft shop! 

I did need some photo glue,  my excuse for visit,  but I did need the glue, my last tube was almost empty. Had mooch about,  got the glue, and a green ink pad, one I can use with the brayer.  Then spotted some stamps...    saw a lovely set,  seemed to have all the extra bits and bobs I wanted for my other pictures!   It was a Woodware set, so very good quality,  3 deer, two bunnies, a fence, 3 trees and other bits and bobs.  I'd not spent my craft allowance for this month, so I could afford an indulgence!  

Of course I bought it,  see picture!   That was one of my efforts this afternoon.  My wintry moon,  and the new stamp set.  Very happy with results, they are a Christmas stamp set really, but they will work for other stuff, especially the trees, fence and stuff, yep they will all come in useful.   Not really enjoyed stamping until I got into brayering, now I can see how they can be used to build a picture.  It is funny cos my first ever craft kit was a stamping and embossing kit,  I'd spotted a starter card craft kit in a craft shop in Southport, when my mum asked me what I wanted for Christmas I took her to the shop,  it was in one of the arcades in Southport,  so while I finished off my coffee, my mum went to buy the craft kit.  Little did I know that she'd decided to spend more on me so she'd bought the next kit up, which included the stamps, inks, embossing powders and heat gun!   Think that pressie had to rank with one of my other best ever presents, my spirograph!  Remember those?   I loved mine,    I think I became obsessed with it.   The rare occasion when I've enjoyed maths,  rest of the time I hated it.  If only someone had made it fun! 

I was having a lot of fun today with the new stamps,  Woodware never fails to deliver in quality, the stamps are wonderful to use,  crisp, clear images every time.   No they ain't paying me!    More playing later this week, got an essay to write tomorrow.   No rest for the erudite...  

take care all, many thanks for stopping by

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