Saturday, 26 November 2011

Yikes, December approaches

Last night was talking to a friend and she mentioned how much she was looking forward to our day together at the beginning of December,  not sure why but in my head December was still a long way off,  well it was till I checked the calendar - it is next week!  Oh blimey, best start getting my act together. 

With that timely reminder headed to craft shop for inspiration,  I'd got the lovely woodware set of Deer stamps, see pic opposite. So today I picked up the set of Xmas sentiments,  plus a nice jewellry kit,  it will make one necklace, two bracelets and a pair of earrings.  Cost me a fiver... but it will go a long way!   Along with the aromatherapy stuff.  It will be a cost effective Christmas this year, no less thoughtful,  in fact more thought is going into it all.   Also decorating boxes and the like.  Going to be very busy. 

Made the card, see pic, yesterday, managed to remember to use a mask for the deer!  Just like this set of stamps,  so easy to use and build up a picture.   May try it with some embossing powder,   just for a wow factor.

Not a very exciting day,  trip to see friend and support her charity,  next stop craft shop,  then home,  lunch,  weather rapidly closing in.  Mum did take notice of what I'd said to get out handy,  so she managed to have a few hours with her friends at the coffee bar.   Just getting out does her good,  fresh air,  change of scene, well it always helps.   She managed to eat all of her dinner, Hunter's chicken,  with chips and peas.   Then we indulged in a very rich chocolate cake.

Right, now in need of a cup of tea,  and to head to bed... got a load of new books to get through. 

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.. many thanks for stopping by

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