Sunday, 20 November 2011


Ever made a mistake with a date?   I did yesterday,  was convinced that the Mind Body and Spirit fair was taking place on Saturday, 20th November...  only cos usually it took place on a Saturday.   But not this time,   20th was today, Sunday, yet neither I or my friend noticed!   So she came over for nothing...  well I did treat her to an Uncle Ben's rice pot,  which were actually very tasty.   After we'd laughed about our mistake it was back to flat and lunch, the said rice pots,  as seen on TV,  wasn't sure what they'd be like but we were both pleasantly surprised.   So we ended up just having a natter, which was nice,  haven't had a catch up in a while. 

After my friend left I got crafting again, made up some more affirmation cards.  Got some new fairy stamps, by Do Crafts,  love them,   just used them with the wintry moon,  the set also comes with some mini stamps of grass, stars and mushrooms.   Made up about six,  well the brayering does take time.  Very happy with the results. 

So today I went to the MBS fair,  still giggling about yesterday,   it was a nice sunny day so I decided to walk,  need all the exercise I can get.   Had a nice time,  kept on bumping in to people I knew,  which was nice,  and getting lots of hugs, which was even nicer.   Just had a mooch round,  I wanted to get a reading done,  but wasn't sure who to pick,  the one card reader I was drawn to was busy, then I met a friend and she recommended someone else, so I went to her and had a very good reading.  Managed to get a book on chakra therapy,  it will help with my course.  Was tempted by many other things but no money to spend  :-(    Walk home wasn't as enjoyable,  it was very grey and gloomy,   and with a chilly wind blowing.  Back at home checked lotto results and nope, I hadn't won.  Mind you I did have two weeks of winning small amounts, which was very nice.   Did manage to see some of the tennis at the O2,  which is on all this week on BBC2.  Something to look forward to! 

Thanks again for stopping by,  much appreciated.  Take care and keep crafting.

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