Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Feeling rotten

I'm feeling a bit off colour,  had a flu jab today,  don't normally have one but the only way I could persuade mum to get hers was to agree to have one myself.   I am entitled to a free flu jab as I am her full time carer.  The nurse said we could experience flu like symptoms,  and guess which of us got the short straw?  Yes, me!   I was aching all over by the afternoon,  I was wondering what I was coming down with then remembered the flu jab.  So I gave myself a lot of TLC,  still feeling a bit rotten, but not as bad as I was. 

I hate not feeling right,  and I wanted to meet up with my aromatherapy course buddies today,  but had no energy.   Mind you I've pushed myself over the last few days, needed to get my essay back to BSY,  so forced myself to sit down to write it.  Of course other stuff needed doing, like shopping and housework,  mum's input is now down to a bare minimum,   I'm also now taking on some of the ironing as she can't manage it.   Her memory is worse, today she not only asked me what the date was, but also what year, she thought it was 2009.  So all in all a busy few days, and still have a swap card to make, can see that being a last minute job and probably quirky. 

Managed some crafting at the weekend,  made up this card,  the stamp is by Lindsay Mason, but I kind of cannibalised it,  as it did have a border around it,  but I cut that off.  I had been using masking tape but it was far too messy and fiddly.   Might just be me but I prefer the stamp without the border.

Short and sweet tonight.  Take care all.

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