Wednesday, 2 November 2011

What day is it?

Totally lost track...  and was so cosy in bed this morning I had to make a huge effort to get up!   I'd switched to the duvet,  so was all nice and snuggly but the day ahead beckoned.  Even saw some blue sky for a while,  none of the rain that had been predicted.  Still mild,  it can't last, can it?   The Express has been forecasting a Siberian blast of winter in the next few weeks...   whatever.  It also feels like Christmas is sneaking up on me.  Normally I would have made my Christmas cards by now, but not this year.   Guess I'll have to summon up the festive spirit at some point.  As usual alls I want is a quiet and uninterrupted Christmas.  The snow last year was a blessing, it meant travelling was impossible, joy of joys.   Well it is when you've been the part of the family that has always been expected to do the travelling, even when you have a busted wrist and knee!   Yes, seriously,  even after my accident one half of the family expected me and mum to do the visiting! 

That year mum went off to stay with my sister and I stayed put to enjoy some much needed peace and quiet after a very hectic and traumatic year.   I really enjoyed it.  Had a few skype sessions with friends,  cooked the full Christmas dinner for one,  it is possible!  And just chilled out, it was bliss.   Last couple of years it has just been me and mum,  just as we like it,  we do still miss Mo, our neighbour, she'd always call in on Christmas Eve and spend time with us, same on New Years Eve, then she'd get me to let in the New Year in her flat.  I miss her so much.    One of my old colleagues at work once told me that she was jealous of my Christmas arrangements, as she seemed to spend the entire time on the move. 

Blimey,  it is only the 2nd November and here am I wittering on about Christmas, mind you I heard my first Christmas Carol on Monday at the garden centre!   Now the supermarkets are decked out... 

Few words on picture:  usual brayering,  the owl is a stamp,  which I have to admit has become a favourite of mine. 

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kokoclowie said...

See another potential Christmas card there! I love that owl too. I see Barbara is on CnC next week, so maybe that'll get me digging out the brayer!

Karen xxx